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31 Jan 2017

Crying Is Good For Your Health.See The Benefits Of Crying.

Whether young or old,we have all shed tears before.
No matter who you are or where you are from.

People think crying is a sign of weakness.When a man is seen crying,he
is considered to be a weakling.
Men don't weep while crying but at least,they shed a few tears.

Whether you are a man or a woman,crying does not indicate weakness.
Crying is good for you so don't miss any good chance you get to allow
some tears flow down your cheeks.

1.When You Cry,The Tears You Release Kills Bacteria

You can kill bacteria by having a good cry.
The tears your eyes release when you cry contains a fluid called
lysozymes(lysozymes can also be found in human semem,saliva and milk).

Lysozymes can kill up to 90 percent of bacteria in about 10 minutes.

There was a study published in the journal food microbiology which
shows that tears contains antimicrobial powers that protects against

2.It Improves Your Vision

I need no theory to prove this one.
I have noticed that each time i cried and shed tears,i tend to see better.

Tears clear up your vision by lubricating your eyelids and eyeballs.

The membranes of the eyes gets dehydrated and when this happens,tears
bathe the surface and keep it moist. Washing away dust and debris.

3.Crying Makes You Feel Good

When next that strong emotion purges up inside you,don't hold back the
tears. let it flow.I don't advice you to start crying everytime an
emotion springs up.
Get me right.
This is just for an experiment.
When you are alone and the urge to cry comes up,allow the tears.Cry.Let it flow.

After that,you will notice you are feeling better than you were.

Anti depresants are meant to elevate your mood and make you feel
better but i tell you now,shedding a few tears can elevate your mood
and make you feel better than any anti depresants you can ever get.

4.You Can Use Tears To Express Your Feeling

Its not everything that is spoken.
Sometimes,you may have the words but you find it had to say them.
Most girls use this medium most in a relationship or to show gratitude.
She will run out of appropriate words to express her gratitude to you
and the next thing,you will see her shedding tears of joy and coming
to embrace you with silent whispers of thank you so much.

Crying heals you emotionally,mentally and psychologically.

So what are you still waiting for?
Get a handerchief ready and do your thing.

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