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31 Jan 2017

See The Reasons Why You Find It Difficult To Sleep At Night.

1.Taking Caffeine Before Bed

Avoid taking anything that contains caffeine at least 4 hours before
your bed time.
If you normally go to bed by 10pm,make sure you avoid caffeine from 6pm.
You can do more research on insomnia for more results later.

2.Too Much Stress
With the current recession in the country,everybody puts in more
efforts in other to make both ends meet.
Family worries,Country's condition,health status and so on fills the
mind at night,thus making it hard for sleep to have its way.

3.Heavy Meals Before Bedtime

Don't ever make the mistake of taking heavy meals late in the evening.
Foods like fufu,yam and beans,garri etc are heavy meals.
Avoid them entirely.
You should take light foods at night.This will make you feel so free
instead of being restless as a result of the heavy meal you took.

4.Change Of Environment

There is something called the circadian rhythm in the body.
Whenever you change environment,the circadian rhythm is disrupted.
The circadian rhythm controls the body metabolism,sleep and the wake
circle and it notices any slight change in altitude or temperature.
This happened to me when i visited my aunty.
I was wondering why i couldn't sleep in her house.
Like seriously,it scared me until sleep finally came around 1am.

5.Leaving The Lights On

The next time you want to sleep,try to switch off the lights.
I believe this will help you sleep sooner and sounder.

6.Too Much Joy Or Happiness

Are you doubting it?
You don't have to doubt it or maybe something too great haven't happened to you.
Believe me,there is a kind of joy you will feel inside that you will
find it hard to sleep.
When you remember that thing,you will smile and roll on your bed to and fro.
Ok,maybe you should ask someone about this if you still have any doubt.
Or Maybe You Have Insomnia

Insomnia is a very big problem.
Its a complicated condition.

Insomnia is like a disease and individuals suffering from Insomnia
find it very difficult to sleep at night.
There is a remedy though and i believe the cure to this insomnia is
observing most of the outlined guidelines in this article.
You can do more research on insomnia for more results later.


Avoid operating your phone for long,Or watching television or work on
computer for long before bed time

Not only should you avoid phones before bedtime.
Don't watch television too long before bedtime or stay too close to
the television.

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