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16 Jan 2017

18 Year Old Girl Who Was Snatched At Birth Finally Meets Her Biological Parents(photos)

Young and beautiful Alexis Kelli Manigo, who
was snatched at birth has finally met her
biological parents after 18 YEARS.

She found out only on Friday her real
name is actually Kamiyah Mobley when
then woman she had known all her life
as her mother, Gloria Williams, was
arrested for kidnapping.
It has now emerged that Gloria ‘suffered
a miscarriage week before the baby was
Last night she met her real parents
Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken in
South Carolina.
All three beamed wide smiles as they
posed for a selfie – a family photo 48hrs
ago none of them could have ever
dreamed of.
Mum Shanara – who last saw her
daughter in hospital when she was eight
hours old in July 1998 and taken by
someone posing as a nurse – looked close
to tears.
Meanwhile a fresh theory behind a
possible motive emerged as reports
emerged Gloria Williams had allegedly
suffered a miscarriage approximately a
week before the baby was taken from
University Medical Center in
Jacksonville, Florida.
Craig Aiken said after meeting his
daughter for the very first time it had
gone very well – and that he’d told her
“he loved her”.
The overjoyed dad explained
“First meeting it was beautiful, it was
wonderful. It couldn’t have went no
“For anybody that has lost hope just
keep hope alive.
“Just keep praying just keep fighting.
If it can happen to me it can happen to
“It’s a feeling that you can’t explain
this. It’s hard to put it in words right
“It’s hard to deal with this here right
now. Like I said, we’re trying to
process it… 18 years it’s going to be
hard to make that up.
“Always thought I’d find her, always
thought I’d find her.”

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