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16 Feb 2017

5 Beauty Products Every Woman Needs To Have At All Times

In order to stay beautiful and radiant all
the time, women use quite a huge
number of beauty products.
Depending on skin colour, texture, and
preference, choices in beauty products
may vary from one woman to another.
However, there are some of these
products that are so important and
totally necessary that regardless of skin
tone and texture, every woman needs to
make them part of their grooming
In no particular order, here are the top 5
beauty products every woman need to
have at all times.

1. An exfoliator

The reason why you have to properly
exfoliate once or twice in a week is
primarily because exfoliation helps to
remove dead skin cells off the surface if
your skin, and allows the moisturizing
products to actually penetrate more
deeply into the pores of your skin.
If you do nt have any, get yourself an
exfoliator that suits your skin and
regularly apply ot, because exfoliating
will make your skin fresh and really
healthy all the time.

2. Mosturizer

One other product that every woman
needs to always have is a tube of
The uses of good moisturizers cannot be
overstated – and top of that is that
moisturizers prevent your skin from
looking dry, dull and scaly.
Apart from that, using a moisturizer
daily helps you look younger, radiant,
gives your skin a softer and more elastic
feel, and of course keeps your skin

3. Lipstick/ gloss/ balm

Lips are one of the things people first
notice about women, therefore the
beauty and well-being of those lips
should be high on the mind of all
To take care of the lips and actually
beautify them, you can choose either
lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss.
Using any of them or interchanging is
encouraged. Using none of them is
however, totally not good enough.

4. Facial cleanser

Whether you are a lady who applies
heavy makeup, light makeup or no
makeup, a facial cleanser is absolutely a
must for you.
The importance of this is to get rid of the
dust and other invisible particles that
must have settled on your skin in the
course of your daily activities.
It should be noted that usage of the
cleanser should be twice daily- once in
the morning and the other time at night.
Daytime cleansing prevents excess oil
production and the nighttime cleansing
prevents skin dehydration.

5. Deodorant

The last but not the least of the beauty
products that you must have at all times
is a deodorant.
Considering how much heat and sunlight
we get in this part of the world, sweating
is, of course, expected. So, to avoid
terrible smells, every woman is at all
times expected to have at least a
perfume or body spray or roll on.
Smelling nice increases your confidence
and surely makes you a lot more

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