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25 Jan 2017

Checkout These 20 Amazing Uses Of Coca-Cola Apart From Drinking It

Today,i will be revealing to you 20 better things you can do with
Coca-cola instead of drinking it.

1.Coca-cola removes grease stains from clothes

So the next time,you find some grease stains on your clothes,don't
cry.Just add some coke to water and soak with detergent.After some
minutes,wash them and see the magic

2.It can make your old pots look new.

Its simple.Put some coke in the pot and cook it on low heat for about
one hour.Then,wash the pot and see the magic

3.Coca-cola helps to loosen bolts.

You may have been struggling to loosen some rusty bolts and they
proved stubborn.Don't worry,just pour some coke on them and try again
after some time.

4.Coca-cola removes blood stains from clothes and fabrics.

Don't doubt.A trial will convince you.

5.It removes rust from coins and irons

Now,get those rusted coins of yours and soak them in coke.After about
5 hours,they will be shinning like new.

6.Coca-cola stops hiccups

How does that sound?
Next time hiccups disturbs you,hold your breath and drink a mouthful
of coca-cola quickly.The hiccups will pack and run.

7.It helps to remove gum from your hair.

If gums mistakenly get stuck in your hair,apply coke there and easily
remove the gum.

8.If you applied too much dye on your hair,reduce it with coke

9.Wash your toilet with Coke and see it shine like never before

10.Coke removes stains from window

You glass windows will be super clean if you wash it with coke.

11.It removes gum from shoes.

If you have gums on your shoes,apply some coke and scraple it out
after some minutes.

12.Coca-cola is a powerful insecticide.

Do you know that there are some farmers in india who use coke as
insecticide to kill bugs on the farm?
Now you know.

13.Coke can be used to clean burnt pans.

Sometimes,when our pans gets burnt,its hard to wash them clean
again.Soak that pan in coke and rinse.No long story.

14.Coca-cola can be used to clean car battery terminals

15.You can relieve congestions with coke

What you have to do is get a coke.Boil it and drink while its hot and
you will be relieved.

16.Coca-cola makes hair curly.

Dip your hair into flat coke and leave it for some minutes.Rinse it
off and show the world your super curled hair.

17.Coke can make your photograph look so exceptional.

Pour some coke in a bowl.Dip your photograph in and let it soak.Remove
it and allow it to dry.You will marvel at the result.

18.Coke helps to reduce pain

If you happen to be bitten or stung by any insect,the pain is usually
not easy to cope with.Apply some coke on it.

19.Coke helps in removing odour from clothes.

Did you abandon that beautiful shirt because it has one weird odour?
You tried times without number to get the smell off to no avail.
Add some coke the water next time and wash it detergent.That odour
will be no more.
Clothes are now expensive o. lol

20.Apart from drinking it..

..i still can't stop drinking coke.haha.
Yes,coke is actually my favourite.

So,i expect you to buy me a bottle of coke for telling you these secrets.

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