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26 Jan 2017

Ladies,See The 7 Foods You Should Be Eating To Keep Your Vag!na Healthy And Happy

Looking for a healthy vag!na?
This post will be very helpful.

A lot of women out there,having issues
with their v*gina may be
surprised that beyond taking
medications, what they eat
also plays a significant role on how their v*gina

I know you cant wait to see the type of food that will
make your v*gina happy and

Below are some of

1. Apple: A recent study in the Archives of Gynaecology and
Obstetrics notes that apple
consumption makes for better
s.exual quality of life in young
women. This include s.exual
satisfaction, ability to orgasm, and ability to get aroused.
plant-based estrogen known
as phloridzin that is found in
apples is responsible.

2. Yogurt: A study assures that yogurt, because it
contains extra load of calcium,
is very good in treating mild-
to-moderate premenstrual
syndrome. Again, the
probiotics in yogurt enables women to balance the healthy
vag!nal microflora, thereby
helping to prevent infections
such as Urinary Tract
Infections, Bacterial vaginosis
(which causes vag!nal discharge, often with a
noticeable smell) and yeast

3. Green tea: A research published in the journal
Frontiers in Microbiology
notes that the polyphenolic
catechins found in green tea
may kill the E. coli bacteria
that cause UTIs, while its caffeine content may help
ease symptoms of
premenstrual syndrome.

4. Whole grains, legumes,
vegetables: Simply put, these are foods such as rice, corn,
wheat, barley, oats, millet;
beans, peanuts, peas, and
assorted vegetables. They all
are rich in fibre. When you
have enough fibre in your meal, good bacteria will thrive
in your bowel. And since
bacteria migrate from the
colon to the vag!na, only the
good ones will find their way
to your vag!na.

5. Oily fish: This contains vitamin D and omega-3 fatty
acids. They are not only
important for general health,
they are also good for se.xual
arousal, because they
promote better blood flow to the

6. Water: Water hydrates, and therefore helps keep the
vag!nal area moist and
lubricated. This enables you to
enjoy s.e.x better.

7. Fruits: A scientific study at the University of Pennsylvania
School of Medicine notes that
fruits don't just deliver dietary
fibre, they also prevent
uterine fibroids —
noncancerous masses that can cause pelvic pain and irregular
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