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25 Jan 2017


Hope you guys are enjoying the story?
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I woke up few minutes to 7 & I was glad that I was not feeling much pain. I knelt down by d bed & thanked God so much for everything he did for me.

After d lengthy prayer, I went to d bathroom to take my bath.
Thank God that I had struggled to wash my gown yesterday
despite my aching body cos I didn’t like putting on other people’s clothes no matter d
closeness. I had worn Prisca’s nightie yesterday but that was different.

As I showered, I noticed that my feet were still
sore but I paid them no heed.

I came out of d bathroom & put on my blue gown,thanks to d light material it
was, it was already dry. I took my bag & started going through
its contents,I was surprised when I saw d envelope that I was given in d concert first.

opened it & when I counted d money, it summed up to 20,
000 Naira. I was happy that at least, I would have money for some clothes. I can’t resume
work on Monday with my gown,
I thought with a smile. I searched d bag & met everything intact, including my purse, ATM card etc.

Prisca came in & was surprised to find me awake.
“woow, I thought u would still be asleep, I would if I had gone
through what u did”, she said with a smile.

I smiled & leaned on d bed dramatically, “I could go back to sleep if u want, I don’t mind
being pampered”, I said feigning tiredness although I felt a little bit weak.
She laughed,
“who would pamper u? Abeg stand up joor,lets go & eat”

“What of mumcy?” I asked
“Dad & mum are both waiting 4u at the dining. I explained everything to them & if I hadn’t
insisted otherwise, mum would be here now, although, they
were not happy that I sneaked out of d house”, she said winking at me.

I smiled & got up from d bed,held her by d waist & playfully pushed her towards d
“well, lets go then, I could eat an elephant”

Tunji arrived at Boruwa lane & looked around happily making sure that he was not being
followed. He got to d footpath & stopped his car. He locked his car & went through d
footpath on foot. When he was about getting to d building, he looked back to be totally sure he was not being followed b4 he entered the building.

When he
entered d building, it was totally quiet & he thought they might be upstairs since it was a
one story building.

checking all d rooms
downstairs, he climbed d stairs & upon arrival, he still did not see anyone. He was not finding it funny so he took out his phone & called Tolu.
“Oga mi, good morning, I am already on my way to-“Tolu
started saying.

“shut up now”, he ordered,
“I am at d location now & I cant
find anyone. Are u playing games with me?” he said yelling.
Tolu was taken aback,
“NO… I dare not…. Pls let me call d guys maybe they had to change
location for some reasons”
“hurry up, I am losing my patience”, he said & hung up.
Richard was surprised to find out that he had actually fallen asleep yesterday. He had gone
back to Deji’s room & found him sleeping soundly & d sleep seemed to be contagious that he went back to his office
& slept like a baby.
His office was a very big one which included a toilet & bathroom so he went in, had his bath & wore another cloth
which he had brought from home. He wore his suit & made for Tony’s office to give him d
goodnews & find out d
outcome of his outing yesterday.
As he was going he saw Adewale coming towards him &was

“Good morning doctor Richard”
“Good morning Adewale, it is
good to see u looking fresh”
Richard said stretching forth his hand for a handshake.

“Deji’s parents just left this place so I decided to see u to know how he is faring”
Richard smiled at Adewale &said, “u can relax now, he is
out of coma”
Adewale jumped on Richard & he almost fell down.

“I am sorry”
he said leaving d doctor alone.
“thank Yo Lord” he said &faced Richard, “Thank u doc, i… I am so greatful”.
Richard laughed,
“Thank God not me, I only did my job, God heals”
“I would go & inform d parents”, he said & rushd out of d hospital. Richard smiled & went into Tony’s office.

Tunji walked from one end of d building to d other, matching
furiously. Just when everything seemed to be working, those
idiots had blundered it. He looked at the time, it was almost time for his flight to take off &
he was still here waiting 4d fools that that Tolu of a boy sent
to get Belina.
He left the building cos
bushy area was beginning to scare him so he headed towards
his car. He met Tolu, Spanner &Sparrow coming midway coming
towards him & his anger multiplied when he did not see
Belina with them.
He charged forward &tried to calm his nerves cos those guys may be dangerous & it would be one against three.
“Where is Belina”, he asked through clenched teeth.
Spanner opened his mouth,
“i…she… ehm…”, he stopped as Tunji
moved towards him, sizing him up like he was an ant. He was
short so he had to look up to Tunji but that was a mistake cos as soon as he looked up,
Tunji sent him crashing into a nearby bush.


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