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26 Jan 2017


He had been like a fallen tree for months. The friends he had told,
instead of pacifying &
consoling him had mocked him & helped him spread d news.

He had been stinkingly rich then so one day when he was checking out of a hotel that was
popularly known in d island to be a ‘hotel for d rich’ after a
business trip, he saw a very very beautiful young lady crying on d staircase. He was instantly drawn to her, so he approached her & asked her what d
matter was. She said,

“I came to see a man here but he threw me

He was taken aback wondering how a reasonable man could
throw this striking lady out without a second thought. After much persuasion, she opened up & said,

“I met him like a month ago & he promised to take care of me but now I am pregnant & he is denying it, saying he
has a wife that he loves, he did not tell me that b4 o.

He took her to his house. He had d
servants prepare her a warm bath & after her bath, she had slept like a newly born baby.

actually looked like one. When she woke up d next morning he had called her, told her his
problem & promised to take care of her & d child if she allows d child to bear his surname. She had agreed
instantly & he also made her promise never to disclose that
secret to their child. They had lived in luxury for 5yrs &he noticed d time that Linda
started falling in love with him.

He was taken by her beauty but he just was not in love with her.

Belina grew to be a carbon copy of her mother & much more
beautiful that she looked like a doll most of d time. This made
Mr Badmus exceedingly angry because he could boast about being her father in public but in
his heart, d truth that he could never have a child however ugly,made him despise Belina.

Things became bad after 5yrs & he took it out big time on Linda blaming her for misfortunes & he would have transferred it also
on Belina if Linda hadn’t been protecting her all d way
Mr. Badmus wanted to just die as he looked at how far he had
depreciated. He wished he had abandoned Linda on d step that day. He looked around at all
he was worth in d sitting room & said to himself,

“if it is d
last thing I do, I would make sure that Belina pays for this”..

Tolu took out d 150, 000 Naira he had collected from Tunji for
d job & put it in his cross bag. When he was about to step
out of his house, he thought about it again & removed 50.000 from d money & dropped it. Tunji would have
to accept d money like that, at least d job was carried out only that those idiotic boys blundered it. He took something else & put it in his pocket. If he won’t accept it, I would make him accept it by force.

He got to Tunji’s house & upon arrival, he met Tunji in his sitting
room about to finish a bottle of whiskey. Tunji looked at him
immediately he entered & his eyes sent bullets right through his heart. Tolu was never
intimidated by anyone so he marched right towards him,brought out d 100, 000 Naira
& placed it right there on d bar.

“That is 100, 000 Naira. I removed 50, 000 cos d job was carried out only that d girl ran away”.

Tunji lifted d cup of whiskey to his lips but instead of him to drink it, in a flash, he poured it in Tolu’s face.
“Jesus…” Tolu said, startled.

Tunji laughed slightly & d next second, his face was blank like he hadn’t been laughing merely seconds ago. “u better complete my money, right here &now, if not, uhn, u would see”.

Very slowly like in all these action movies, Tolu brought out his gun at placed it right on Tunji’s forehead. Tunji turned to a stone
with seconds & he started shivering like he had fallen into d type of ice water that was
showed in Titanic.

Tolu laughed heartily, “so,u no even get liver. Give me one reason why I should not blow
ur head off”, he said. Tunji kept on saying pls but he had stepped on Tolu’s toes. “u
have never been slapped by a woman & u wanted her to pay for it, so also no one had
dared pour a cup of water on my face not to mention a drink. Well,
when I blow off ur head, I would be able to take d whole money. Say hello to d devil for
me”, he said & pulled d

As d day went by, I almost forgot completely about d
event of the previous day. Prisca made everything very enjoyable & my newly found parents made me feel like a little girl
again. They were very
comfortable. Not exceedingly rich
but they could easily buy whatever they wanted without
thinking twice. They
took me out & got me new sets of clothes, shoes bags &
everything they felt was customary. Anyone that did not
know them would think I was their daughter.

Being a weekend, everyone was at home. Mum almost overfed me & I commented on it but she would not have any excuses. She
said I was still weak no matter what I said & that I should just eat & sleep. Although I was not so used to being fussed over, I
enjoyed it & I made myself feel like a baby for d first time in my life.


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