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27 Jan 2017


Monday came and b4 I knew it, I was dressing up for work. I had anticipated this day & I
found myself waking up many times in d night to check d time. As I dressed up, I stared at Prisca as she dressed up for work. She had studied
Accountancy & was now working as a cashier in GTB. I had complained about d strain of d job but she barely felt it cos she loved d job so much, one would think counting money is her hobby.

I took out d white skirt suit that mum had purchased notwithstandingd cost. When I finish dressing up,Prisca stood open mouthed as she gazed at me. I knew I looked
good even without looking at d mirror but I didn’t think it warranted such drama.

“Belina”, she gasped.
“What?” I asked alarmed.

She dragged me to d front of d standing mirror & it was my turn to open my mouth. I
stared at my reflection in d mirror unbelievably. I looked so woow. As I looked at myself,tears formed in my eyes & I
forced it back immediately; tears
just seem to come frequently these days, I thought. The suit
fitted my body like a second skin,d skirt was just on my knees. I moved away from the mirror & I saw Prisca holding out a pair of purple & white shoe.

She looked at me & said
emphatically, “this is my shoe &u must wear it today. I have not worn it once & I
might as well give it to u”. I looked at d shoe & noted that it would be perfect on d dress so I took it without thinking twice & when I wore
it, I had to agree that I looked excellent.

“Oh baby, pls be careful with Tony there o,cos I am sure that all d guys there would be falling on eachother just to have a glimpse of u” she had said
looking very serious. I laughed & told her she was exaggerating but she said she wasn’t. we both knew that Tony is madly in love with her so she didn’t mind my appearance at all.

Her branch was just a bike away from d house so we both left
our room around 6:35am &went to d kitchen in order to
have a little breakfast
We met mum in d kitchen she inspected both of us with
her eyes & she looked at me in awe.
“u are so beautiful in this suit,thank God I bought it”, I went to
hug her affectionately uttering words of appreciation. After that,we ate in a hurry & set out.

The hospital was bubbling with life & this Monday was
definitely a good one. Tony sat up in his office chair as he
arranged all d files on his table.
His secretary had done a good job though but he always took it as a point of duty to crosscheck & rearranged them again. His phone went alive & he picked immediately.
“Rich, wats up?
“Hey Tony, pale just call me now o, he wants me to come over”
“hope there is no problem with p man
“I hope not, anyways, I just wanted u to make sure that d new psychologist, eeehm,
Miss Belina, attends to Deji today”, he said.
“oh, ok, no prob, say hello to dad for me” Tony said &hung up &
almost immediately, his intercom rang & when he picked it, his
secretary informed him that Belina was waiting to see him.
‘Just in time’ Tony thought &told his secretary to let her in.
He checked out some files &when he heard a knock, he said,
‘come in’ as he pasted a friendly smile on his face. Immediately
she stepped in, his smile froze & disappeared altogether as his eyes devoured her not able to believe she was d same person
he had rescued 2days ago.
I sighed inwardly obviously tired
of receiving d numerous stares but instead of d problem to reduce, it seemed to be getting
worse. I had sailed into d hospital premises & had been extremely amazed when I saw d massive building. The
stares I received from people almost made me trip so many times & I had to gather enough courage to walk past
them without jittering. I walked glamorously into d hospital.
After introducing myself at d reception, I had been directed to
Tony’s office & I was glad that I would finally be seeing a familiar face, but when I received d same ‘check her out’ stare from him
again, I shuddered. I
remembered d words of Prisca. Tony was brought back from his reverie & he was ashamed of himself cos I saw d flush in his face.
“I… I am sorry, it is just that u…u look very different from what I saw on ehm Friday, no
Saturday. u were very beautiful despite d condition but u look mind blowing & my mind was blown away when u entered”, he explained then
pointed at a seat opposite him.
I smiled & switched on my professional look as my face seemed to do no other thing
other than smile
“You don’t have to worry, Tony, I trust u &
know u won’t dare forsake my pretty friend”, I said but it was more of a question cos he laughed out & did the ‘I cross my heart’ thing. I didn’t have to
ask cos I had known Tony & knew beyond doubt that he loves Prisca deeply; he just
seemed to be born a flirt
“u would be safe with me but I cannot say d same for others”,
he said winking at me & I blushed slightly. The discussion was already moving to d area I did not fancy so I just said,
“I think I can handle them”.


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