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29 Jan 2017


Mr. Badmus walked on his street very slowly, carefully eating d gala with him. As he walked, he looked back at his life & shook his head pitifully. He looked
around him hating his
environment d more.

If he had been told by a sorcerer that he
would still be in this retched environment by now, he would not have believed it. He got to his
house & stretched his body on d chair immediately he entered.

He dozed off & started
dreaming of strangling Belina. He already had his hand on her neck & was squeezing hard when a knock brought him back. He hissed irritated & made 4 d
door. He did not know why he had to be disturbed from such a
pleasant dream so he did not bother to ask who was there, he
just opened d door with a killing glare on his face.

Immediately he saw a familiar uniform, his countenance changed to a frightened one.
“Can I help u sirs?” he said hoping they were on d wrong door
“Yes u obviously can”d
most threatening of them said & brought out his card. “u
are under arrest 4 d murder of Mr. Olatunji James & u have a right to remain silent cos
anything u say here would be used against u in…”

“What?” Mr. Badmus screamed,
“I don’t know anything about that”.
“shut up man, now, move”, one of d officers ordered as they handcuffed him & pushed him out of d house into d waiting
black maria.

Richard stood so still that he felt glued to d spot. He had left his
office to check on some of his patients but saw someone that made him question if he was
daydreaming. He stood so still until she turned & he all he could do was gawp ridiculously with his mouth open. He never imagined that he would see d ‘lady in blue’ again but here he
was staring at someone who was a replica of her. He thought that not even twins could be that
similar & that made him
definite that she was actually d one he was staring at flesh &
blood. She was d same person only that d distance had undermined his view &
scrutiny of her. He had been able to take in her appearance that day at d concert even though it wasn’t easy but within close range, he felt that even in a
thousand years, he would not have finished feeding on her beauty. ‘I need to get out of here fast’, he thought, ‘but not after I find out what her name is’.
He noticed that he hadn’t moved a muscle & also noticed that she hadn’t as well so he was a little bit pacified so he moved towards her. He immediately saw d look of surprise &wondered what might have prompted it. He got to her & said breathlessly,
“hello there”.

Mr. Badmus yelled, pleaded & did all sort of things just so that d officers would understand & leave him alone but they did not listen, instead, they beat him up. He was d object of ridicule as everyone on his street & beyond came out to watch d latest movie display only that it
was real & not an act. Some people were secretly recording d incident which would make a good post on net.
They got to d police station and dragged mr. badmus into d cell.
He struggled like a mad man but he was held with expert hands.He continued shouting ‘I am innocent’ but it was more like ‘I am guilty’ in d ears of d officers. They threw him into d cell & he fell down crying profusely & it took just a moment b4 he noticed d people looming over. He lifted up his head &d first person he saw was a scarred guy grinning down at him wickedly with his toothless mouth.

I stood bawping as d
unbelievable man approached. I still found it amazing that he had
actually moved. He had stood like a statue & I had praised d talented artist who brought d
craft to light but when he moved I was extremely surprised. He
approached me & silly me, I hadn’t expected that he would
talk, much less to me but when I saw his mouth moving I was
taken aback once more. He said something but my mind was
preoccupied thinking about nothing or everything & I felt
like disappearing until he
touched my hand & I was shocked, in fact, I could swear he was electrically charged cos it was like touching a life wire but it was enough to bring me back to normal.
“Are u ok? Do u need a glass of water?” he asked looking
I mentally slapped myself for my
behavior & willed myself against thinking about that voice.
‘I have no business with d male gender’, I thought & when I
remembered Kelvin & my dad,my voice became sharp

“I am fine thank u”, I said &made to leave but he stopped me.
“Wait, what are u doing here?
I have been wanting to see u”,
he said urgently.
“What do u mean? Have we met?” I asked surprised at his
He smiled & said, “Yes & no. I saw u at Heaven’s Gate concert”
I flushed. There is something about that face that I could not
understand. It on its own portrayed a man of strength &
determination but there were a lot of things there that I could
not understand. He seemed unpredictable;
even with my psychological
mindset 8 training, I knew that it would not be very easy to read
him though I could sense he must have gone through alot in life

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