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30 Jan 2017


I am willing
to have you back if you would consent to satisfying me in bed
in return. Aaah, u are selfish o, body no be stone now, and
you dey do shakara. he concluded and his
prostitute laughed out loud &he silenced her with a kiss. I just
stood there, not believing what I
was seeing & hearing.

The love that had been growing in me died instantly & hate followed immediately. I did not say anything at all through out I
didn’t think I would have d strength to.
“So, what would it be Belina,make it snappy, I have some unfinished business here”, he
said winking at me.

I walked up to the couch slowly & b4 they could predict my
action, I carried the extremely full
cup of gulder & poured it into Kelvin’s widely opened eyes.

Kelvin started struggling with his
eyes while the little b---h stood to
challenge me. I sent her crashing into d bed with the force of the
slap I dashed her. I did not say a word as I left that place a changed person.
I dried my face with my face towel. I remembered d
striking guy I just saw barely minutes ago & noticed that I did not have his name but I was glad cor the male folks to me have nothing to offer except
sadness. ‘They are just joy killers’.

Richard had finally left the stairs like a lost soul after his ‘lady in
blue’ had finally disappeared
from sight. He noticed sadly that
his problem had just doubled & there was actually no simple
way out of this. ‘how would I work under the same roof with
that?” he asked himself again.

He went back to his
office to dwell on what had happened just minutes ago.
As he sat down on the unofficial couch in his office which he laid
on most of the time, he just could not do anything but laugh &
smile. He remembered the way she had been looking at him when she turned in his direction & he laughed out loud. She had
been looking at him as if he had been hawking groundnut,wearing an expensive suit in the
hospital. He laughed at d imagination & moved on to d next thing that happened which was d surprised gaze; it had
been as if he had suddenly grown three heads & a tail. But
oh… she looked so adorable that way; in fact, she looked so devastatingly beautiful everyway.

He remembered d fact that she had been abducted just days ago
& couldn’t really blame the guy for wanting to take her away from everyone’s prying eyes even though he had the strange urge to beat that b-----d to stupor.

He remembered her appearance in the concert which was
permanently pasted in his memory but knew that what he
had seen today would not allow him any other thought apart
from hers. ‘she is painfully beautiful’, he thought & just
when he started fighting against
the thoughts, Tony walked in without knocking & found him
grinning all by himself which he quickly wiped out.

“Hey man, are u having
problems with ur teeth?” Tony
asked jokingly.

He smiled, “did I complain about
them to u?”
“You don’t have to. Now, what is
it that is so funny?”
“Do u always have to find out everything?” Richard asked
knowing that tony would not let d matter lie until he had
ploughed it out of him
“Yes, that is what friends are for”
Richard sighed;
“it is…” he paused slightly,
“Belina” he dropped.
Tony was wide-eyed when he heard that name & he later
started laughing his a-s out.

“What is so funny now? Cut it out”. Richard said already sorry he had said anything.

Tony started cutting out his laughter bit by bit, “I told you…
oh Richy, u would always be d Richy I know no matter what
you say & how much you deny it. Now, what do you think about
Richard hissed and said,
“You are a rogue”
“Uhn, I have always known that. I
am all ears” he said expectantly.
“For once in your life tony, you are
right only that she is not real. I
mean… she does not look real.
She is too beautiful to be true,
and guess what, she is the same
girl I saw at the concert the other
day”, Richard said totally into his
Tony left Richard’s opening
speech for later. “What girl?” he
asked confused.
“The one that sang when you
were chit chatting with your babe”.
Tony was amazed, “so, behind that splendid body, there is a
striking voice as well?”
“Yes o”
Tony tilted his eyes
mischievously, “so you were
suffering from love at first sight
when I saw you grinning right?”
Richard was taken aback, “I… ehm… well of course not. Why
should i? She is just beautiful and
nothing more. Remember, I can’t
love anyone”, he replied
Tony coughed aloud unnaturally for some seconds and said,
Richard got the sarcasm, picked
up his pen and threw it at Tony.
Before it reached Tony, he was at
the door laughing profusely,
“You can’t fool me Mr Doctor”; he
said and ran out leaving Richard
almost the same way he met him,

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