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20 Jan 2017


I looked at myself in my bedroom mirror & smiled. I definitely look stage worthy, I thought to myself. I took out a styling comb
& combed my hair to
perfection. Thank God for long hair, it could make u look presentable even when u did not make ur hear.
I applied a little
powder & lip gloss & set out.
I alighted from a public bus & looked at the address again.
Wole, who had made sure I was one of d guest artists had
warned me that the church was a big church. I almost passed by
a very massive building when I looked at d sign-board & discovered that that was my
destination. I opened my mouth as my heart started racing.
“Hello miss”
My head jerked round & I discovered I was already at d
“Uhh, hi”, I said.
“Are u one of our artists,ma’am”,d guy obviously an usher asked
“Ehm,Yes. I am Belina Badmus”.
The guy checked his file &smiles at me b4 calling a lady to take me inside. As I stepped
inside, my heart almost stopped.
I saw nothing less than 500people & still saw empty chairs which could easily seat close to 300people. The
highest number of people I had sang to was 200 & I was
totally afraid that day. I
considered turning back as I stood transfixed. The lady usher noticed my fright & gave me a
comforting smile. She looked at me from head to toe & back again & said,
“I am sure u
can handle it”
Mr. Badmus sat down in his living room, thinking about d best way to convince Belina. He
remembered d discussion he had with his friend d previous
day & hissed.
“Oh… it is nice seeing u my friend, Chief Popoola said,standing up to greet him. Mr.
Badmus smiled faintly.
“Since I need to get visa b4 I see u,what do u expect?”
“It is not like that” chief popoola responded.
Mr. Badmus sat down without waiting for d permission, d chief offered him drinks from his over-filled bar & within minutes, they were talking.
“See, this Belina of a girl would not kill me o, she sees a lifetime
opportunity & cannot jump into it”. Mr Badmus said after
some minutes of discussion.
“What do u mean?”
“Do u remember d birthday party of
senator Olowodolu that u invited me to some time ago which I forcefully dragged her
along?” getting a nod, he went ahead to explain everything up
to d latest development &
what did he get?
“Listen to me
my friend, I would advise u to leave her alone. Every child has d right to do things d way
they please, our own duty as parents is to advise them & if they insist, we ought to-“
“Shhh,pls spare me d lecture Mr.Lecturer, I don’t need it ok?” he
said & left immediately.
Mr. badmus hissed for d
umpteenth time. “That idiot does not want someone to be better
than him” he soliloquized. Belina
would have to do my wish whether she likes it or not. I would find a way.
The church was half way full when Richard & Tony arrived.
Richard noticed that d
auditorium could definitely occupy 1000 people & looked at d structure of d building
Tony looked around desperately looking for a place where they
could get a good view & found a spot that was just perfect. They
both sat down & Richard had a feeling that he was in for a good time in God’s presence.

As d usher led me to my sit, my mind started rolling asking so
many questions; what if I fall down on d stage? What if my
voice cracks? What if …
I stood like d pillar of salt that the bible talks about as I stared
at d one person I wished I would never set my naked eyes
on. Kelvin also stood there looking like someone who was
standing face to face with a ghost. I wondered if he thought i should be dead. He was about to say something but I guess my eyes sent a warning signal &
he swallowed his words. Wise choice, I thought as I joined the
usher who had been looking at us puzzled. As I followed her, I no
longer saw d crowd, I only saw a chance to prove to Kelvin that I
am not a piece of trash.

The sitting room was freezing cold because of d recently purchased split air conditioner,
the plasma Tv was on & was showing cool music videos but
Adewale could not relax. His friend had been in d hospital
for 2days now & was still in a coma. he had stayed there &was forced to come home today in order to freshen up.
Adewale stood up & went to d bar to pick up an alcoholic drink but hadn’t tasted it when
his mind started wandering. He
remembered his discussion with
Deji & how he persuaded him on phone to some over so that they could both attend a function
together d next day. he
downed a cup of wine at d thought & b4 he knew it,he had finished the bottle but still
could not wipe out the sense of guilt that was clouding his brain.
He remembered how close they were & could not hold back d tears that came to his eyes.

He looked at d wall & saw,’Jesus is Lord’ on a photo frame & walked to it. As he stared at
it, he knew he had only one thing to do.


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