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25 Jan 2017

Yvonne Nelson Loses Dad, Shares Last Photo They Took Together(pic)

Popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has lost his dad.
He died on Monday 23rd January.

The actress has always said she never had a
good relationship with her dad as he abandoned
her while she was still a child.

In a 2015 edition of Genevieve Magazine, the
award winning actress said her father was not
happy about her birth.
According to her; " My dad is not such an
amazing person in my life. I don’t have any good
memories of him"

She took to her Instagram page to mourn him
and share the photo above which they took this
month. Read below...

"Rest In Peace Father ❤. This picture
was taken on the 6th of this month..., i
have only two pictures with my Father,
and this is one of much I
wanted to talk much I
wanted to say.....but God knows best....I
know you are in HEAVEN......I know we'll
meet again and talk about it all.....there
were days I cried to my mum to bring
me to yours......there were days I
couldn't wait to see you and talk to you
just for a minute....I longed to hold your
hand.....I longed to sit on your lap.....I
longed for all of that......can we still do
that when I see you in HEAVEN?? Can
we start all over again?? Can we correct
the mistakes??? I longed for you so
much. I have nothing but love for
you.......❤in His last days....he always
mentioned God in everything he
said...why?? Because there's no one
GREATER 🙏🏽 sleep well father

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