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13 Feb 2017

Checkout These Photos Of This Young Man Rocking G-string Pants

Cross dresser, Bayo, who stunned the Internet
sphere with his photos in the past has released
a new photo showing him rocking nothing but a
He also has a message for every single one of
y’all this valentine season.

Life is too short to waste any amount of
time wondering what other people think
about you. In the first place , if they had
better things going on in their lives, They
wouldn’t have time to sit around and talk
about you. What’s important to me is not
other people’s opinions to me, but what’s
important to me is my opinion of
myself.When you are different, sometimes
you don’t see the millions of people who
accept you for what you are.
All you notice is the person who doesn’t
.Lately I have been getting lots of
messages from judgmental people saying
how much they don’t like me because they
think am weird and am some even call me
ugly ( buhahahahhahaha) but let me tell
you something, you can be the most
beautiful person in the world and
everybody sees light and rainbows when
they look at you but if you yourself don’t
know it all of that doesn’t matter. Every
second that you spend on doubting your
worth,Every moment that you use to
criticise yourself is a second of your life
waste, is a moment of your life thrown
away .its not like you have forever, so
don’t waste any of your seconds, don’t
throw even one of your moments away. I
know I want to spend my life with a
person who knows how to let things go,
Who’s not full of hate, Who’s able to smile
and be carefree and so that’s who I have
to be.The most terrifying thing is to accept
oneself completely. How would your life
be different if….. You stopped allowing
other people to dilute or poison your day
with their words or opinion .
Let today be the day you stand strong in
the truth of your beauty and journey
through your day without attachements to
the validation of others. As I began to love
myself I understood how much it can
offend somebody if o try to force my
desires on this person, Even though I
knew the time was not right and the
person was not ready for it and even
though this person was me. Today I call it
“RESPECT” As I Began to love myself I
stopped craving for a different life, and I
could see that everything that surrounded
me was inviting me to grow.Today I call it
“MATURITY” As I began to love myself I
understood that at any circumstance I am
in the right place at the right time and
everything happens at the exactly right
moment So I could be calm today.I call it
“SELF CONFIDENCE” I no longer need to
fear arguments, confrontation or any kind
of problems with ourselves or others. Even
stars collide and out of thee crashing new
worlds are born.
Today I know “THAT Is LIFE”. Dare to love
yourself as if you were a rainbow with
gold at both ends. One of the greatest
regret in life is being what others would
want you to be rather than being
yourself.Now U I want you to celebrate
who you are in your deepest heart. Love
yourself and the world will love you.
And to all those who call me ” Weird land
Crazy, Cast your judgements Dummies, I
am having FUN and you are welcome to
Judge ME!

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