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15 Feb 2017

“Give Free C*ndoms To Church Members” – Ghana Counselor Tells Pastors

Controversial Ghanaian counselor, George Lutterodt has asked pastors
to distribute c*ndoms to the youth in their churches on Valentine's
Day instead of organizing evening programs in an attempt to prevent
the congregation from celebrating the day in the manner they want.

It appears the aim of celebrating Valentine's Day has been shifted
from showing love to acts of promiscuity.

The development has led to churches holding programs in the evening to
engage congregants series of activities including exchange of gifts,
choreography and poetry recital. But Counselor Lutterodt believes
church activities can never prevent the current generation from having
s*x on Valentine's Day.

Speaking to GhanaWeb, Counselor Lutterodt said the church should
advise members on why to abstain from s*x and distribute c*ndoms to
those who cannot abstain so they can have safe s*x.

"Valentine is meant for some category of people and not everybody.
Some churches have got it wrong. They think organising a program on
Val's Day can keep these popcorn boys from doing whatever they want to
so. It's a shame. Because the boys will do whatever they are supposed
to do after 10 o'clock. The best is to share condoms for them," he
noted.Asked if that is not a way of fueling fornication, the Reverend
replied in the negative

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