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14 Feb 2017

“I Did Not Travel To London To See Buhari, I Was In Ibadan” – Tinubu Explodes

According to HOPEFORNIGERIA, The
leader of All Progressive Congress (APC),
Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu has denied
the reports especially the pictures being
circulated by the APC media and the
presidency claiming that he and Bisi
Akande the chairman APC Board of
Trustees paid a courtesy visit to the
Nigerian ailing President, Muhammadu
Buhari in London.

Alhaji Tinubu according to Hope For
Nigeria was shocked by the visibly
photoshopped pictures clarified at his
Bourdillon residence in Ikoyi Lagos that
he did not travel to the United Kingdom
and there was no way he should have
seen President Buhari.

The APC leader added that he was
surprised and aghast to see his pictures
alongside Bisis Akande and Buhari
stating that he was at Ibadan on the said
day to attend to some personal matters
and came back to Lagos the following
day only to be surprised with the news
all over the media.

“I did not travel to
London or anywhere outside the
country” quoted Tinubu.

Tinubu continued by saying that, “What
surprised me most was the pictures
published and spreading all over the
social media showing myself and Akande
with Buhari in London. I didn’t travel
out of the country so the question is
where did these pictures emanate from?

“The presidential aides are not living up
to their expectations in handling
information relating to the president’s
health, Tinubu said. I see nothing wrong
in someone falling sick after all we are
all humans and not machines, even
machines do breakdown”

The presidential aides have left room for
rumours and grapevines to thrive
regarding the president vacation with
conflicting statements and

Recently some state governors called for
prayers for the president. Also the wife
of the president Mrs Aisha Buhari thank
all Nigerians for their support and
goodwill as reported by Thisday.
You will recalled that pictures of Tinubu
and Akande visiting Buhari in London
was all over the social media. this was to
prove to Nigerians that president Buhari
is hail and hearty. But Lagos Herald had
earlier published the truth about the
president health and situation report
which non of the presidential aides has
come out to deny
It was reported that President Buhari is
currently at the Intensive Care Unit
( ITU) of Kings College Hospital Denmark
Hill, London.

According to Hope For Nigeria, the mafia
holding President Buhari hostage has
ensure that Nigerians including high
ranking government officials are not
allowed to see the sick Nigerian leader
and resorts to sending fake pictures and
letters purported to have been written
by President Buhari.

source: weeklypostng

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