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16 Feb 2017

"If You Don't Legalize Okada,We Will Rob People To Survive"Okada Riders In Ghana Tells Govt

Ghanaian motorists otherwise known as ‘okada
group’ are calling on the NPP Government to
intervene on their behalf over a ban on
commercial motorcycles.

Their cry follows a decision by the Driver,
Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) and the
Motor Traffic and Transport Department
(MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, to kick
against the proposed legalization of the
commercial use of motorbikes known as
'Okada' operations.

According to them, Okada operations is their
only source of livelihood, notwithstanding
helping ease traffic congestion in Ghana.

Speaking with Pulse Ghana, The Chairman of
the Okada group, Morro, pleaded with the
President Nana Addo not to ban the use of
commercial motorcycles.
'We thought we were voting for change,
now that the change is here Nana wants
to ban Okada. Nana Addo please we are
pleading with you, allow us to do our
work in peace.'

While Musah Adama, a motorist with the group
also said the ban on commercial motorcycles
will subject them to armed robbery.

'We are here helping people and easing
traffic and DVLA wants us banned, no
problem. We would just gather in front of
banks and rob people to survive. I just
don’t understand why they won't leave
us alone.
When you go to Kumasi, you would see a
lot of robbers there who have been left
unarrested but here we are working and
you claim you want to ban it. What is the
reason?' He added.

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