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7 Feb 2017

Man Disappears After Wife Gives Birth To Triplets In Edo State

A woman whose husband absconded when she
gave birth to triplets has appealed to
government and individuals to come to her

Mrs Queen Udekwe, 35, had previously
given birth to a set of twins. She told newsmen
in Benin on Tuesday that her husband, Mr.
Matthew Udekwe, from Enugu State took to his
heels when she gave birth to triplets nine
months ago.

Mrs Udekwe, who took her case to the
secretariat of the Edo State Council of the
Nigeria Union of Journalists in Benin, said that
she was looking onto public-spirited individuals
and government.

He said, “My husband abandoned me at the
hospital immediately he heard that I had given
birth to triplets on April 26, 2016.
“I already had a set of twins before giving birth
to triplets, which I saw as a thing of joy and
God’s blessing until my husband absconded. “I
am presently finding it extremely difficult to
feed the babies not to mention clothing them.”

She said she needed immediate assistance to
save the babies.
Udekwe appealed to her run-away husband to
return home so that they could take care of the
children, saying that she had not heard from
Matthew since the triplets were delivered.

She recalled that when her husband discovered
through scan that triplets were coming; he
vowed that he would never be around to see
the children.
She said, “I use to hawk cooked food with
wheel barrow and my husband rides Keke
NAPEP but ever since I gave birth, I could not
Udekwe is from Ogua in the Esan West Local
Government Area of Edo, while her husband is
from Umunokpa in Enugu State.
They have been married for six years.

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