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26 Feb 2017

"Most Female Nollywood Actors Lack Personal Hygiene,They Wear One Pant" - Actor Uche Maduagwu

This is the same actor
who revealed that
some single Nollywood actresses no longer wear pants to movie locations.

Uche Maduagwu who is more popular on
social media than on
the screen vows
never to date any Nollywood actress
again because of
their dirty habit.... he shared his

"This is getting out of
hand, I never wanted
to talk about this, but
when a friend of
mine told me about
his own experiences too on the same
topic, i just have to
open up... I am never
going to date any
other female celeb in
Nigeria ever again! It's
heart breaking to
know that most popular actresses in
nollywood wear one
pants for more than a
day, I don't know if
some girls don't
understand what personal hygiene is
or they just feel it
matters less. I don't
want to mention
names but the last
actress I dated just gave me a bad
impression about
women in general. You have the money to
buy expensive
phones, make ups,
clothes, shoes, bags,
jewelries and
automobiles, yet you find it so hard to
change your
underwears? What's
with all this fake
lifestyle abeg? I have
noticed that most single actresses in
Nollywood are more
concerned about
how they look in
public than how they
are on the inside, now I see why there
are so many
relationship and
marriage breakups in
this industry, some
men are just not ready to tolerate dirty
women! Most people are
always so quick to
put the blames on
men for cheating on
a female celebrity,
but only a few really understands what
these men had been
going through in
their relationships,
not all men cheat in
their relationship dear, but there is a
limit to what a
Nigerian man can
stomach in his
relationship. They
say cleanliness is next to godliness, but
when a woman is so
lazy that she finds it
hard to keep her
underwears clean
then, such a woman needs prayer and
fasting. Here is an
advice to all the real
men out there, its
high time you leave
trash for Lawma abeg, don't allow
someone drag you
into her web of
dirtiness all in the
name of love, love is
not stupidity, shine your eyes my
brother. I know of
some very clean and
beautiful actresses
who pay more time
on their personal hygiene, and less on
their outward
appearances... Those
are real women, not
like some fake ones." Image Photo Gov Nigeria

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