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2 Feb 2017

STORY: THE LAST S.E.X (Episode 3)

never knew his wife killed their baby and he had
a sickle cell anemia.

They lived as a happy couple as before, the
usual way that draws jealousy from
At a particular day, Benita went to visit his
husband at his company.

She ran into Andrew. They were both surprised.
They never expected to meet again. Andrew
told her he was recently employed in the
company. Benita told him the company belongs
to her husband.

Andrew collected her new number and returned
to work. Benita begged her husband Simon to
sack Andrew. Simon insisted for a reason.
Benita claimed he
was her school mate.
She didn’t like him back then because they had

Simon refused to sack Andrew saying it was not
enough reason to sack him. .
Few days later Andrew called Benita on phone
and insisted to see her. She refused until she
was forced to go and meet him. Andrew
requested for se.x. Benita refused and warned
him never to ask for such again. Andrew
showed her a se.x video tape.
Benita almost dropped dead when she
it was the se.x she had with him
two days before her wedding.

Andrew recorded
it. He threatened to show it to her husband if
she doesn’t comply with his request. Benita
didn’t want to lose her marriage. She
complied and had s.ex severally with Andrew.
did few back-alley abortions. She tried to pay
him off but he refused. He finally collected a
large sum of money and disappeared. Benita
ready to do anything to keep her marriage.
The Doctor called Benita and asked to see her.
The Doctor tried to return the bribe he took
from her. His conscience was pricking him so
hard. He couldn’t keep mute anymore. He
wanted to tell Benita’s
husband the whole truth for friendship sake.
Benita begged and cried, trying to make the
Doctor realize how important her marriage
was to her. The Doctor told her his friendship
with her husband was important to him too.

tossed the cheque of
5million bucks back to her and asked her to
leave with it. Benita stood up, picked the
cheque and left. The Doctor called Simon and
asked him to see him in few hours. Benita
barged in on the Doctor that instant almost
To be continued

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