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17 Feb 2017

Valentine Wahala:See What A Guy Did To His Girlfriend For Refusing Him S*x (Photo)

A lady who reportedly refused having
s*x with her very horny lover is
presently in pain after her boyfriend
angrily attacked her and spilled her

A South African lady identified as Zanele
Nojaja, will not be handing out kisses for
a while because her boyfriend bit her lip
after she refused him s*x on Tuesday,
February 14th.

According to Daily Sun SA, the 33-year-
old lady whose lips were bitten by the
same horny boyfriend who is now
behind bars, said her lover attacked her
because she refused him intercourse.

“I told him to go and get some snuff and
visit his friend, but he wanted s*x,” she
said, adding that her 43-year-old
boyfriend then argued for a long time.

“He didn’t force me to have s*x but he
bit my lip.”
Zanele went to the local police station to
open a case. “I call him darling because
he doesn’t drink or smoke. He likes
sweet things. I wanted to surprise him in
bed on Valentine’s Day but now I am
angry. He has shown me his bad side,”
she said.

“He screamed at me like a roaring lion,”
Zanele said, adding that he must stay in
jail and think about what he has done. “I
was going to show him how good I am in
bed but how I am going to kiss him?”

When the boyfriend was arrested, he
pleaded for mercy from Zanele. But
Zanele, who could not shout, used her
hands to wave him away and Zanele
went to the clinic.

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