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2 Feb 2017

'We Promised Change And It Has Come'-Lai Mohammed

Nigeria’s minister of information,
culture and tourism Lai Mohammed has
admitted that the ruling party was
overwhelmed with the level of madness,
indiscipline and impunity in Nigeria.

According to him, the party was not
prepared for the level of rot the
administration met on ground when
they came into power in 2015.
He, however, claimed that the change the
ruling party promised Nigerians has
started manifesting.

Speaking in an interview with Sun
newspaper, he said: “Let’s look at it,
number one, we promised change and
that change has come. There is change
today from impunity to accountability
and it means a lot. There is a change
today from corruption to integrity, it
means a lot.
“There is a change today in the way
people view corruption than the way
they use to view it before. You will
never live your flamboyant lifestyle
again. In 2014 or thereabout when
the former President went to Kenya,
there were about 100 private jets that
went with him.”

“What we did not know was the level
of dirt and rottenness, the level of dirt
and corruption is what we did not get.
We knew things were bad but we did
not know things were these bad. We
did not know before we came in that
there were no savings at all, we did
not know before we came in, the
madness and scale of indiscipline and

“ So if anybody says we are
overwhelmed, yes we are overwhelmed
but not by the work but by the level of
rottenness and we want to clean this
rottenness and this is what we have
been doing. It doesn’t matter what
vision you have but if you don’t have
the money to execute it is as if you are
doing nothing,” he said.

Meanwhile, popular musician Tuface
Idibia will be leading a nationwide
protest against the federal government
over the economic situation of the

The protest which will be held on the 6th
of February is expected to attract many
Nigerian youths who are not happy with
the present administration.

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