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10 Feb 2017

Woman Put Poison In Her Private Part In Order To Kill Her Cheating Husband

A woman in South Africa is
facing a 15-year jail term for
allegedly lacing her vag!na
with poison so she could kill
her cheating husband.

The woman identified as Beatrice
who has been charged with
attempted murder had been
complaining to her friends
about her husband's
adulterous ways and decided to punish him in the most
unusual way.

It was gathered that Beatrice
put a very potent liquid rat
poison she found on Google in
her private parts with the
hope that her husband,
Khumalo , would give her a cunnilingus which would kill
him in the process.

After she was arraigned in
court, Beatrice reportedly

"I told him not to sleep
around on me, I bet he won't
do it no more. I knew something was wrong when
he wouldn't leave the house
to come get this vag!na; he
knows we always f*ck
Thursday." The woman Beatrice
suspected her husband was
sleeping with identified as
Valerie Sithole, stated in
court documents she knew
something was wrong after she had not seen Khumalo in
four days.

Beatrice was charged with
attempted murder and faces
15 years in prison. She is
being held on R150,000 bond. Giving evidence in the case,
Khumalo said he knew
something wasn't right
before he went down on his
wife because she had been
playing a song titled 'Poison' on repeat all day long. He said his
instinct save his
life as he refused to go down
on her despite her insistence
and promised to stop
cheating on his wife though
he vowed never to eat or drink anything she gives him
as long as they remain

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