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29 Mar 2017

23-Year-Old Boy Sentenced To Death For Stealing Android Phone And Stabbing The Owner(Photo)

Tope Abiodun,23, was last week sentenced to death by hanging by a High
Court in Abuja for stealing an android LG phone valued at N87, 000
after stabbing his victim with a knife in his head.

A concerned Nigerian has
appealed to authorities to
consider the plight of the
young man due to various reasons he shared below; Read what was shared
by Don Capello

Justice Chizoba Orji of Apo
high court FCT Abuja jailed 23 yrs old Tope Abiodun (from Kabba Kogi
state)to death by hanging for stealing an android LG phone valued at #
87,000 naira ....

this happened few weeks ago in a country where those that Looted
billions that were meant to make life easy for such Youths from being
tempted to survive through stealing
are out there roaming the
streets in freedom .

This is unfair to the poor and vulnerable masses ,Tope fluently speaks
yoruba ,igbo and Hausa languages ,he has transformed since he was
imprisoned four yrs ago,this is a lad that will assist visitors with
their luggage down to cells of those they came to
visit in kuje prison.

He is a good boy we can not allow to die . I am appealing to well
meaning nigerians ,clergies alike to come to his aide ,he has an
ageing mother ,he was
not born to see his father
alive ,one can easily understand his upbringing . Tope Abiodun
committed this crime when he was 18yrs old ,he told me ,the pressure
to feed with his younger siblings pushed him to do it .

Probably he did that as an ignorant young boy out of the normal
juvenile delinquency stage in
our lives .

Godbless you as you do to help him process his case through the
appeal court ,I am so sad about this because I have spent much to help
this boy
even though I have my issues at the end the judge gave him a very
harsh sentence (death
by hanging )in a case no
death was recorded . Wake up ,Good Nigerians!
#HelpTope May this also teach our young
stars a lesson ! #pls share this as a way to assist him

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