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25 Mar 2017

BBNaija: Bisola Did Not Give Me 'Head' -Thin Tall Tony

Recently evicted Big Brother Naija Housemate, Thin Tall
Tony opened up on his marriage after leaving the Big Brother House.

According to him, he respected orders from his wife not to reveal his marital status.

Read excerpts from his interview with The Nation.

Do you think that you could have earned more favour from fans if you had told the truth about
your marriage?

I respected myself and respected the orders
from my wife not to disclose my marital status; to keep my family out of it. Also, while in the
house, there’s no lie that I do like Bisola a lot and I could have taken it a step further but
remembering what took me into the house in the first place; I could have led her on, could
have also gotten to the part where maybe Sêx would have been involved. Also I tried as much
as I can to protect her because I knew where I was coming from and that’s what I did. Let’s
not forget that it is a game and we were all playing a game.

Are you having problems with your marriage in any ways?

No, I’m not. (Laughs) My marriage is safe. The
only thing that I’m looking forward to is kissing
my wife and holding my kids.Since I left the
house – to be honest – I have not spoken to
anyone apart from my wife and she hasn’t said anything embarrassing yet.

One of the comments that I read was that they
felt that I played the game the way I should have, and sticking to the whole thing of keeping
my marriage private and not allowing anyone know.

How do you feel now, knowing that your strategy of philandering with Bisola and TBoss didn’t work for you?

To correct that, I didn’t play with anyone’s
emotion. I tried as much as I can to know who
these ladies were. For me, I was more into
Bisola based on what I would be able to learn
from her as an artiste like myself. I and Tboss
had no connection whatsoever because even
after the house, we won’t be able to work
together; she is on a different level and Bisola
is also on a different level that is also my own
line. So, I connected only with Bisola.
Bisola did give you a ‘head’ in the house, were
you really going to lay her when you brought
out those condôms on the nig

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