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6 Mar 2017

STORY: BEAUTIFUL BELINA (Season 2 Episode 9)

I finally finished the arrangement and decorations and I stood appreciating my efforts. All the toys and decorations adorning the room created a child-like feeling and aura that would definitely draw children like magnet.
When I left the office, I had made
straight for a toy shop. I
bought everything my heart
fancied. Buying those things brought hope and
joy that I would have a child
– my child – who would
play with them. Even though I knew that I would
not let a room separate me from my child at night, I knew that he or she would grow old enough to own a room like this one.
I had created time to put something on the fire before Richy arrived because he surely had a lot to do at work being a
Monday. Richard had called
immediately he got my message, asking me thousands of questions and giving loads of instructions like, don’t stress yourself, rest, eat, sleep, etc.
I quickly ran into the kitchen with the fear that the food was already burning and I got there just in time to take it off the gas.
I was hungry but too tired
to eat so I went to the
sitting room to wait for
Richard. Immediately I hit
the couch, sleep enveloped
me. I woke up some
minutes later to the touch
of Richard’s hand. He kissed
my forehead softly and smiled.
“How are you sweetheart?”
he asked and I smiled
faintly, a bit dizzy. He looked
at me closely like he was
studying a lab specimen
and frowned.
“You look
worn out. Did you work up
yourself?” he asked.
I looked away and narrated
all the events of the day
from the time the pregnant
lady came into my office to
the time I fell asleep on the
couch. He looked at me and
when I was done, he pulled
me into his arms, placing
my head on his broad chest.
“You know I love you, don’t
you?” he asked softly and I
“You know God loves us
and knows what is best for
us, right?” he asked again
and I nodded.
“then, you have to believe
and know that God sees
our desire for children. He
has given us children only
we cannot see them
physically. That we can’t see
God does not mean he does
not exist but we live by the
assurance and believe that
we would see him
someday. The same applies
to this; we cannot see our
children physically but we
are not barren. Don’t lose
hope, honey. God tests
married couple in various
ways, this is our test, we
must pass it. OK love?”
I nodded and held him
close. Even in a thousand
years – if I am still alive – I
would love my richy. He
kissed me deeply and held
my face in his hands. “Can I
see the room now?” he
asked with a smile and I
grinned at the thought of
what his face would look
like when he beheld my
I jumped up and pulled him
along like a child would her
father. He was flushed
when he saw the room. His
eyes rotated from my face
to the room and around the
room in utter disbelief,
probably trying to imagine
how I did it. He pulled me
into his arms and kissed
“Well, you should be ready
to give birth to a whole
football team because
children would beg God to
be sent here if only to touch
these things” he said
smiling as he lifted me off
the ground into his arms.
“Woah…” I yelled laughing
and struggling to leave his
“I am hungry” he said
“Well, there is food in the
“The food can wait” he said
covering my lips with his.

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