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5 Mar 2017

STORY: BEAUTIFUL BELINA (Season 2,Episode 8)

I sat down in my office fighting an inner battle. My inability to have a child was giving me so much turmoil.
Every time my period skips a day, I buy pregnancy test sticks to test myself personally with the hope that it would turn out
The calendar has now become my best friend and I never passed a day without checking the calendar. It was like an addiction.
I had attended to a patient who was scared about her pregnancy
because it was her first and she had been told that the first issue is always very difficult. I had advised her carefully, assuring her that she would be fine. She
became very calm and enthusiastic, asking me if I had children of my own.
She apparently is not someone who follows gossips if not; she would not be asking me that. I
was flushed with all kinds of emotions but I did my best to hide it while she was there. I told her that I was still expecting and she was sympathetic saying that she knew I would be a
very great mother.
Immediately she left, the tears I had kept at bay came cascading down my face. I checked the date again and saw that it was not even close to my date. I had so many baby things given to me as wedding gift over two years ago but they are
all still brand new.
I dried my face with a hankie but
my spirit was still down. An idea struck my mind and I
was immediately on my
feet. My pastor always
preached about taking a
leap of faith and that is
what I am going to do – I
am going to decorate my
child’s bedroom. I passed
on duty to my assistant,
picked my bag and headed
home. I remembered
Richard told me he just got
a new assistant and that I
was to meet her today for
introduction sake but I
already felt weak. I sent a
message to Richard,
explaining to him that I was
a bit down and needed rest,
knowing that he would call
soon. I entered my car and zoomed off.
Oyinade arrived home and
flung her bag on the sitting
room couch, frustrated.
Apart from her initial
encounter with Richard
Branson, she had been
ignored every other time
she came in contact with
him. He barely even glanced
at her twice, throughout
the day despite her
deliberately cunning
approaches. She had initially
thought today would be
splendid but she ended up
feeling low and humiliated
even though Richard did
not do anything physically
to warrant her humiliation.
She had called Ronke on her
way so she was not
surprised when her door
flung open with Ronke
letting herself in as was her
usual habit.
“BRH baby, ki lo n se e? Talk
to mummy” Ronke asked
immediately she entered,
heading straight for the
refrigerator to fix herself a
Oyin hissed and narrated
everything to Ronke all over
again even though she had
done that already on the
phone. Ronke drank slowly
while Oyin rattled on. When
she did not stop talking and
Ronke was already tired of
hearing, she screamed until
she stopped and was
glaring at her.
“What’s your problem girl?
Did I not tell you I have a
plan? Aahhh, I tire for you
o” Ronke said exasperated.
Oyin eyed her annoyingly.
“You dey craze. Why you no
talk am since u enter? You
dey there dey drink my
expensive wine”.
“Just shut up and listen.
When you are through, you
would know that you owe
me, big time” she paused to
sip her drink, deliberately
taunting Oyin. Receiving a
stern glare, she smiled and
“You would have
to put up with Richard’s
coldness for a very short
period. Before you can carry
out any other plan, we need
to create conflict between
them. We need to break
their trust in eachother”
“OK…” Oyin said impatiently.
Ronke continued.
“So, I
made a research today and
discovered the perfect tool
to use. Belina had an Ex
who is crazy about her. He
is still unmarried and I
believe he is still in love with
Belina. After searching for a
while, I got his facebook
address and after going
through most of his status
uploads and some other
things, I noticed that he still
has feelings for her so we
need to get him because he
can help us create the
discord we need. There is
no love as strong as your
first love. Do you grab?”
Oyin assimilated this for a
while and smiled,
appreciating Ronke the
“OK, so how do we
contact this guy, genius?”
she asked cynically and
Ronke smiled, very proud of
herself. She brought out a
little piece of paper which
had a phone number
written on it and held it out.
Oyin’s eyes widened in
surprise and admiration as
she collected the paper;
“You little witch. How did
you get this?”
“Very easy. The man actually
made his phone number
public on facebook, I guess
it worked to our
advantage” she said
“But what if he doesn’t
accept to do this?” Oyin
asked what had been on
her mind since the
launching of the topic.
“Then, we would have to
persuade him. A good
amount of money should
do the trick but if his male
ego won’t accept it, we
would give him something
no man can refuse. You
know…” she said smiling
Oyin got the message and
smiled openly. “You are
“We both are. You realize
you owe me big time,
“Of course. I know that you
are not free babe, not even
to your friend”. Ronke
laughed while Oyin dialed
the number.

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