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23 Mar 2017

STORY:BEAUTIFUL BELINA (Season 2, Episode 15)

I stared at the phone still wondering what was going on. I was beside myself with rage.
The girl sounded sincere but I couldn’t see myself believing a word she said. I remembered that I had felt an instant dislike
towards that Oyinade girl when I saw her over a week ago but I could not place my finger on what the problem was.
I had told Richard what I felt but he had defended her saying
that her work had been impeccable since she entered BRH. I knew my instinct was almost always right but could my earlier anxiety have anything to do with Richard.
He hadn’t given me any reason to doubt him and his love for
me since I met him so why
should I doubt him now?
Could he cheat on me?
********** **********
Richard got to BRP Hospital and on getting to Belina’s office; he was informed that she was already out. He knew that the cloth she wore was the same with the one in the picture but
he could not imagine her seeing that despicable guy for whatever reason.
He knew calling her would be
bad because he might accuse her, which would be unfair since she hadn’t given him cause to doubt her love for him. He knew
she could not cheat on him
especially with that guy but
he could not understand this; plus he was her first love. He rubbed the back of his palm against his forehead. Who even sent it?
He wondered since there
was no I.D.
He went back to the office
and saw Tony waiting for
him. He invited him in
without the usual hugs and
funny guy to guy chats.
“What’s eating you bro? You look distant and pale”
Tony asked immediately
they were on seat.
Richard sighed. “Its… personal” he replied.
“Personal” Tony repeated
and laughed. “Since when
did you start having personal issues that I can’t hear about?”
Richard stared for a while
then stretched his phone
towards Tony.
Tony scrolled through and saw a
message with the words,
“check this out”. Below it,
he saw a photo of Belina
and a guy in what seemed
to be a hug.
“Oh… I see… Jealousy is
eating you up. It is just a
hug man, nothing more. He
must be her friend. You
know Belina better than
that” Tony said confidently.
“Yes. It is just a hug, only he
is not her friend. That is
Kelvin. Her ex. Her first love”
Richard lamented.
“Ok, calm down” Tony said,
looking at the picture again.
“I don’t get it. I know she
despises him, so what is
she doing with him?”
Richard said standing up.
“Well, since you know her,
you should not doubt her
faithfulness. It would be
unfair to accuse her
wrongly pal, she may never
forgive you. If you ask me,
this does not look like a
proper hug”. He said
inspecting the picture
“But it is definitely
something, right?” he
“Who sent it? Or are you
keeping tabs on her?”
“definitely not. I also don’t
know who sent it. The
number is hidden”
Tony stood up and went to
meet Richard where he
was, by the window,
looking outside.
“You guys
have come a long way. You
are married. Not just a new
couple but you are two
years into the marriage. You
should know that people
are jealous of the
relationship and love you
have both maintained till
now and they want to
destroy it. Don’t allow them.
I would advice you to take
this out of your mind. I am
very sure that Belina loves
you and would not hurt your feelings this way. I can vouch for her” Tony said.
Richard smiled faintly.
“Thanks man” he said honestly, feeling better.
“Not a word of this to Prisca, please” he said as an afterthought and Tony nodded.
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