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9 Mar 2017


Another week of work has passed and I am happy to
have Richard all to myself.

Even though we have been
married for two years now, it felt like two months. I went out jogging
and Richy's lazy asss decided he would rather
stay up in bed. He had
worked himself out the
previous day and all he could do was eat and sleep
when he arrived. We had a
gym room filled with
exercise equipments but I
preferred outside jogging.

Our estate – Richbel Estate – which is owned by
Richard and I, is a quiet
and beautiful place filled
with flowers and beautiful
works of art. The estate had twelve
houses in all and the
design of the estate was a
sight to behold. Gazing at
the beautiful statues and
flowers as I jogged made me feel on top of the
world. Richard had made
the entire week so
pleasant for
me. His gifts and gestures
made me feel so special. The bouquet of flowers,
the lovely gold wristwatch
and many things he did
including calling me every
now and then when he
was less busy made me feel so
lucky to have such a
wonderful man in my life. I
did not even remember
childlessness issue. I still hadn't seen his newly
employed assistant but I
not really care as long as
she was not doing
anything 'personal' with my husband.
Richard has given me every
reason to trust him and I
knew that I would trust
him with my life, if
necessary. As I jogged back to the
house, I started thinking
of what to do for him. I
wanted to do something
special in return. His
mother crossed my mind. No matter
how hard he denied it, I
knew he still had a section
in his heart devoted to her.
I had seen him secretely
gaze at her picture about three times, admiring her
exquisite beauty. I knew it
would be difficult but I
knew without a doubt that
he would feel a whole lot happier if he let go of the
pain he feels.
Richard lay on the couch
with his head on my lap. I
toyed with the little hair
he had as we discussed the
movie we were watching.
Just then, someone arrived
at the door and judging
from the voices I heard, I
knew exactly who was there. I rushed there to
open the door.
"Hey Pric, what a surprise,
am so happy", I said
hugging her. I gave Tony a brief hug too and felt
someone tugging at my
"Aunty Beyina, aunty
I looked down. "Oh you
little lolly, come here" I
and lifted a giggling
into my arms. I kissed her cheeks and tickled her.
"She has been calling your
names all week. How are
you guys?" Prisca said
sitting down.
"Well, we were having a sitting room honeymoon
before you arrived"
said with a smiling face.
"Woah, I hate to feel we
disturbed you guys. You can
continue while we watch"
Tony said and we laughed.
I looked at them. "Well you
all look good in your shorts
and small tops especially
little lolly here, where are
you going to?" I asked "Well, we were off to the
beach for a little fun so we
decided to stop over to see
if you would love to come
"We definitely are coming along, right honey?" I said
with a look in Richard's
"Uhhh… no" he said with a
suspicious frown then
slowly smiled. "Of course we are going. It's been a
long week and a
time at the beach is
perfect", he said and got
up dragging me along with
him to the room to have a
change of clothes.

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