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10 Apr 2017

BEAUTIFUL BELINA(Season 2,Episode 24)

I stood outside Richard’s office seconds after Prisca left, not really sure I should go in.
I pressed the door knob &went in.
Richard’s head was
on d table, I had no idea if he was sleeping or thinking. Seeing him still made my heart beat
quicken. I coughed slightly & his head shot up.
“I should not have behaved the way I did; I am sorry”. I
blurted looking directly at him. He just looked at me,not believing a word I said.
He stood up slowly & came over to stand in front of me. I could
see what other women saw in him: he has a presence which
beats others.
His gaze can make a woman’s knees turn to jelly.
He took my hand without a word & led me to the long couch in his office. He gently pushed me to a sitting position, looking into
my eyes intermittently.
“How are u feeling now?”
his gentle question made me feel small due
to d way I had behaved. The reason for my anger faded out of my memory as I looked
into his blue eyes.
“Why did u not tell me we were expecting a baby?” I asked instead of answering him
with tears gathering in my eyes.
He smiled genuinely.
“You did not allow me to, baby”
he said. I noticed a tear drop almost escaping his eyes & I was instantly overtaken by
emotions. This is not what I want. We need to settle our issues.
“How can I allow u when-”
“Shhhh…”he said, silencing me with his finger against my lips.
“Let me just hold u now, sweet. C’mon” he said, pulling me into his arm. All I wanted to say fled as his hands
enclosed around me. His fast & steady heartbeat pounded
in my ear as I placed my head on his chest.
We remained in this position for a very long time.
“You remember the first time I kissed u?
The very first time I held u in my arms as I feasted on ur sweet honeyed lips?” he
asked as he caressed my lips with his thumb, making me go crazy with desire.
How could I not remember such an unforgettable
experience? “It was then I vowed not to ever have anything to do with another woman sexually till
death do us part. You
represent everything I have ever wanted in a woman.
You should trust me honey.
Better than u are doing now”. He pulled back to gaze into my eyes. The
disappointment that was evident in his voice & face tore at my heart & being.
I was confused; totally
confused. I did not know what to do or say
so I did what I had been wishing he would do.
I kissed him hard on his
lips, trying to erase the pain I saw. He held me gently but closely & kissed me hungrily,
taking full control.
I held on to him as we basked in each others’ hands. The kissing grew fierce as his mouth
strayed from mine & his hands
brought goose bumps to my body.
Something else would have happened right there, if we hadn’t been interrupted by an insistent knock on the
office door.
Richard disengaged from me slowly & reluctantly,irritated that we were being
disturbed. I smiled.
The reaction of what we started was evident on him; on us both.
I stood up & pulled
Richard out of the couch, I sat on the office chair,adjustingmy tussled hair while
Richard crossed over to his seat asking his secretary to come in.
Richard’s secretary came in & gave a report of a patient who was rushed into the hospital. Two doctors were already with the patient but they were
requesting Richard’s presence because the patient has internal
bleeding & might require
Richard’s skills if he stood a chance of survival. This made Richard jump out of
his seat. He kissed me,
asked me to take care of myself & was out in a flash.
I smiled, feeling a bit better even though we
still had a lot of things to settle. I picked up
Richard’s phone & took it out of standby.
The first image that
propped up nearly made my eyes pop out of their sockets. It was a picture of Kelvin & I
in what seemed like… a hug?
I left Richard’s office dazed.
I should be celebrating my pregnancy but how do u cope when what u love the most
is in danger of being yanked away from u. I was trying to piece up an explanation for
what I had just seen but none of the conclusions
I arrived at made sense. Only one thing seemed logical & could be a possibility. I
was just a few steps away from Richard’s office when I saw Prisca approaching me
with a questioning look but the look seemed to
disappear when she saw my countenance.
“How did it go?” she asked.
Before she could catch her breath, I pulled her into Richard’s office, closing the door
firmly behind us. We sat down without a word & I gave her Richard’s phone. She looked at the phone for a while, & then looked at me.
“I don’t understand this.
When did this happen?” she asked.
I stood up & paced the
room slowly,trying to
gather my thoughts
together. “The time I
bumped into Kelvin should be a week ago.
No, wait. It was yesterday”, I said. I
expected that the
misunderstanding between Richard & I had
reached a week, thinking about all the numerous things which
had happened but the
reality is that,it is just a day old.

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