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15 Apr 2017

Benue Church Receives N42M As Tithe From An Unknown Person

A church in Benue has received the sum of N42m as tithe from a man whose identity remains unknown.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the money was deposited into the UBA account of the NKST Church High-Level Makurdi.

The pastor of the Dr. Frederick Ikyaan, initially denied knowledge of the offering.

But the payment was confirmed by a copy of the church’s quarterly financial report, covering the months of January to March 2017.

The deposit which was paid in January was the highest single offering from an individual for the quarter.

The quarterly financial report revealed that the
church received the sum of N56.2 million as
income and had an expenditure of N33.7 million.

The church’s records further revealed that of
its income, N44.6 million was generated from
tithe and offerings while a single person
accounted for N42 million.
Speaking on the development, the pastor said
his initial denial was based on the allegations
that the donor was an appointee of the Benue
“I still stand by my words that the person that gave us that money is not
an appointee of the state government. In
fact, he does not even stay in Benue but is an indigene of the state.”

The pastor insisted that the church had nothing
to hide, adding that there was nothing wrong with the offering.
The NKST Church is an abbreviation for ‘Non go Kristu U Sudan hen Tiv’, meaning the Church of Christ Amongst the Tiv.

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