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6 Apr 2017

Checkout The Current Prices Of Commodities In Nigeria - Vanguard's Consumer Watch

These are the prices of commodities as of today 6th April, 2017.

Listed as follows:

Basket of Tomatoes N5, 500

A bag of Pepper (Rodo) N6, 000

A bag of Long pepper N6, 500 – N7000

A bag Onion (white) N18, 000 – N20, 000

A bag of Onion (Red) N15, 000- N18, 000

50kg of long grain Rice N15,500 – N16,000

A derica of long grain Rice..... N280

50kg of short grain Rice...... N17,500

A derica of short grain Rice..... N300

A crate of egg........ N1,100 – 1,200

A bag of Olotu beans...... N 33,000

A bag of Oloyin...... N17,000

A bag of Yam Flour (Elubo).... N45, 000- N65,000

A bag of Gari (Yellow) N19, 000 – N20,000

A paint bucket N800 – N900

A bag of Ijebu Gari N15,000 – N16,000

A paint bucket N800-N900

20 Litres of Groundnut Oil.....N15, 500
N16, 000

10 Litres of Groundnut Oil N6, 500-N 7000

25 Litres of Palm Oil N10, 000
5 Litres of Palm Oil N2,200

Salt N80-N150

Noodles 70g N1500- N1800

Spaghetti (1packet) N190-N200

Macaroni (1packet) N120

Semovita (10kg) N2,800- N2, 900

Pampers (cartons of 8 ) N3, 400
Seasonings N110 – N500

Tomatoe paste (2,200g) N1200-N1500

Tomatoe paste (Medium) N550-N700

Tomatoe paste(small) N150-N350

Tomatoe sachet (a roll)N250 –N300

Pack of toilet roll (48pieces) N1800-N2, 300

A Satchet of milk N30-N50

A Sachet of beverage N45-N50

Toothpaste N250-N270

5 Litres of Kerosine. N1,200

12.5kg. Cooking gas N4, 500
Yam (1 tuber). N400- N800

Ugwu Leaf (a bundle) N3, 500 – N4, 000

A dozen of tied Ugwu Leaf N1,800

Moin-Moin Leaf (a dozen) N800,1packN100

Carton Titus ice Fish N19,000

1 Carton of Kote ice fish N16,200
1 Carton of Sawa iced Fish
1kg N600

As seen on Page 23 of todays
Vanguard news

Storiesmagic readers,compare these prices with what
you have around your area lets see if they are
correct or not.
As for me, the prices are very correct.

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