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15 Apr 2017

STORY: BEAUTIFUL BELINA (Season 2,Episode 26)

Richard glared at his mum for a while, and then faced me.
“You are right dad. He has nothing to do with my
problem with mum but he has something to do with my crumbling family. The guy that
was hit is Kelvin”
“What?” Prisca and I yelled. I jumped out of my seat in an instant.
“What is going on here Richard? You are leaving him to die because he is my Ex?” I
could not believe it.
He shook his head.
“No. I am not leaving him to die. The other doctors are with him but I cannot save
someone who just threatened to bring us down some hours
ago. I also got the message where you were with him, holding him affectionately.What do you think I would
feel”? Loretta left the place she had been since she came in and knelt down before
anybody could stop her.
“Please Richard, save the guy. I don’t know
what you have with him but please
don’t let him die, please. You may decide
not to forgive me for what I did to
you but please save him.” She said in tears
even though everyone tried to get her up.
Prisca and I finally got her to her feet. I
looked at Richard more closely and I could
see him fighting a battle within himself. He was distressed and I could understand his
reluctance. I carefully asked everyone to
excuse both of us and within seconds, we were alone. I didn’t even know how to deal
with things now that we were alone. I just stared at him.
Ronke smashed her phone on the floor in frustration. All their chances were now destroyed. She had told Oyin to keep things
cool but she wouldn’t listen. They had sent the message earlier than planned. She had
specifically told Oyin that they would have to change the position and atmosphere in the picture they had taken of Kelvin and Belina before sending it to Richard but Oyin was too d--n impatient.
If they had edited the image with computer; thanks to the highly developed technology; they would have been able to
put Belina and Kelvin in a compromising position, probably nakèd, kissing or something a bit stronger than a mere hug.
Now Belina is pregnant. She
hissed and poured herself another glass of drink. If Oyin had been patient enough, she
might have even gotten Richard to doubt the paternity of the child. But now, that is
totally out of the question. She had placed a lot of hopes on the success of this thing.
“I am not going to rest for
nothing. If Oyin can’t get money from that
guy for me, she would have to get it anywhere else if she wants to keep her
secret” she said
to herself. Maybe it is time for some blackmail.
Prisca had left Loretta and Mr Branson immediately she
left Belina and Richard
alone. She saw that ‘harlot doctor’ enter an
office which she assumed was hers. she felt an instant urge and desire to confront her and
that is what she would do, she thought. she got to the office
and luckily for her, no one was there. she was about to
knock when she heard the lady in the office talk to someone on the phone.
she would not have bothered if she hadn’t heard
Belina’s name in the conversation.
“The plan is ruined” she
heard her say. “That Belina of a woman is
“How am i supposed to know that?”…
followed. Prisca did not know the full
detail of what must have happened
between Richard
and Belina but one thing was definitely
sure, she would find out what this woman
have been up to. She entered the office like
a predator. Oyinade looked back, not
knowing who had entered but on seeing
her, she seemed to know who she is –
Belina’s sister.
“You know what Missy? i
think we need to have a little chat” Prisca said, sitting down comfortably and crossing
her legs
Next episode drops tomorrow

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