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18 Apr 2017

STORY:BEAUTIFUL BELINA (Season 2, Episode 28)

I woke up in the car, on
our way home. I thought I had had a dream of Richard
carrying me in his arms
but it obviously isn't.

Richard looked at me, taking his eyes away from the

He looked worried
and concerned about me. He put one hand on my
laps, controlling the
wheels with the other.

"How are you feeling princess?" he asked I nodded, too weak to open my
mouth; I still felt sleepy.

He smiled faintly and moved his fingers through my

"Go back to sleep baby.C'mon" he whispered and I
went back to sleep.
I woke up fully in bed. I was
in my underwear, no clothes. I was covered with a blanket. Richard came into
the bedroom and smiled when he saw me awake.
My heart melted as I stared at his handsome profile.

He climbed in bed beside
me and kissed me gently on
the lips.

"How are you, my love?"
I smiled.

"I feel better than before, thanks. Why am I naked"?
Richard grinned.

"Your temperature was so high; it could boil a cup of water so I took
your clothes out of the way. Little Richard
needs a very comfortable
environment to grow" he said, placing his hand on
my stomach.

My heartbeat skipped. Today had been a very long day but I would
demand to have this day and none other, if only to feel the way
I did when I heard the
news of my pregnancy.
I looked at Richard critically.

"Are you sure you did not
take off my clothes for
your advantage?" I asked
cocking my head at an
awkward angle.

"Oh sweet, what are you
insinuating?" He asked,
looking as innocent as
possible. I laughed hard,
looking at him. Oh… I am
so much in love with this guy.
Even though I saw the
desire in his eyes and
written all over him, his
concern for my health and
condition was more evident.

He stopped my laughter with his mouth, covering mine in a fierce,
demanding manner. We shared similar desire as I
held on to him, kissing him deeply. Something flashed
through my mind and I
instantly became still.

Richard noticed this and
stopped abruptly, bringing
his ragged breathing under

"What is wrong?" he

"Nothing. I… I remembered that I hadn't asked you
how Kelvin is doing" I said
slowly. Something seemed
to pass through his face
within seconds. "He is in a comma now; all
we can do is pray that he
comes out alive". I nodded
and stared at nothing in
particular. He was silent;
so was I.

"You told me to trust you.
How can I do that if you
also don't trust me?" I
asked. He was silent; he
just stared into space. "What is between you and your
"We share only one
relationship: working
relationship. There is nothing going on between us. I know she sent a
message at an ungodly hour but she was just apologizing for her
misconduct the previous day" he assured.

"Which misconduct are you
talking about?" I asked
intent on finding any loop
Richard sighed. "She was dressed inappropriately.
body was on public display
and I rebuked her
indecency. She felt guilty
and decided to send a message. She felt she
couldn't face me after
what she did".

"Oh…" I breathed. The
pregnancy sickness took over before I could think of

I ran into the
toilet to throw up. Richard
rinsed my face and led me
back to bed. He was able to
shove some food down my
throat before I used some
drugs. It can be upsetting
to have a doctor as a
husband especially when you have to use drugs
now and then. I lamented
the irrelevance of drugs
but he did not rest until I had it down my throat. I cuddled
next to him and he had his
arms around me till I
dozed off.


Watch out

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