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24 Apr 2017

Yoruba People Killed My Father And Shared His Meat – MKO Abiola’s Son

Abdulmumuni Abiola, a son of
the acclaimed of the 1993
presidential election, Chief
MKO Abiola has declared that
his father was betrayed by his own kinsmen.

Abdulmumuni said Abiola's
kinsmen literally killed his
and shared his meat. Abiola is a native of Ogun State, south- west Nigeria.

Speaking with journalists,
Abdulmumuni said the family
was not interested in the
clamour in some quarters that the late business mogul
should be posthumously conferred with the title of the former president.

He said the title was of no use to the family and would not in any way
bring back the late politician.

Abdulmumuni said, "Can you
imagine? My father died in
1998 and we're still
discussing his death as if he
died recently.

"I feel there was something
my father was trying to do
and the powers that be then
didn't want him to do that.

What could that possibly be?
What did MKO do to deserve that death? We want to
know." He wondered why some people decided to kill his father who was
only trying to make the country better.

"These were people from his own ethnic group; they cut him (Abiola)
into pieces and shared his 'meat'.

"The decision (to kill him) that they made back then, are they
enjoying it now? We can't go back in time but going into the future we
can avoid making the same old mistake, which is the most important
thing", he said.

Asked if he was in support of the call that the late Abiola should be
conferred with the title of the ex-president in his grave, the son
the country had other better things to attend to than giving the title
to a man who was no longer alive.

His words, "That might just be a symbolic measure actually; my father
has been long dead. What's the point of giving him back his mandate
when he's no longer alive to accept it? They should keep the mandate.

"The country has more pressing issues to deal with. The country will
be a better place if our leaders can apply their heads as well as
hearts to lifting the majority of the people out of poverty,
injustice, hopelessness, insecurity and corruption.

There is so much rot in the country."

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