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24 May 2017

'Avoid Roasted Corn & Plantain With Smoked Fish,If You Want To Live Long' – Expert

The Managing Director, Integrated Medical Centre, Dr. Damilola
Familoni has urged Nigerians to stop the excessive consumption of
foods like roasted corn,roasted plantain,smoked fish and other
unhealthy foods inorder to enjoy a long life.

She said these foods are ladened with cancer causing
effects and other disease risk
factors which manifests much later in life, stressing that one
of the surest prevention
methods against cancer,
diabetes, hypertension and
obesity was adopting a
healthy lifestyle which includes healthy living.

Speaking at the celebration
of AVON Health Management
Organisation at Three, and
the launch of its online
service in Lagos, she said
Nigerians must be educated on what types of foods to be
avoided or eaten, as
education was key to
tackling the rising health
indices in the country.

instance, anyone with Blood type O has no reason eating
plantain at all," she adds.

According to her, "disease
burden was becoming
prominent in Nigeria, hence it
was best to adopt healthcare
provision that would make
them spend less while getting adequate and
appropriate diagnosis,
treatment and management
of their various health issues.

"All these can't be addressed
by out-of-pocket health
provision as majority of
Nigerians are living below
the poverty line and are
unable to afford healthcare. But with health insurance, it
is easier to maximally take
advantage of healthcare
provision. Organisations,
governments and individuals
should adopt this model if we must reduce incidence of
health issues in the country,"
Familoni added. Meanwhile, the Chief
Executive Officer, AVON HMO,
Mrs. Adesimbo Ukiri said with
the launch of the online
service, Nigerians can now
buy and enroll to health plans from the organisation's
website via their mobile
phones, laptops and tablets. She said: "When we started
three years ago, our belief
was that Nigerians from all
walks of life should be able to
access good quality
healthcare services when they need it, without
financial constraint leading to
unnecessary complications
and fatalities .

"With our health plans
starting as low as N15,000
per year, we have indeed
brought quality healthcare
services to the average
Nigerian. Subscription to an Avon HMO plan means that
whenever a covered ill health
or accident occurs, the state
of one's finances won't
matter as Avon HMO oversees
the healthcare service delivery and foots the bill. By
giving people the ability to
buy and subscribe online via
mobile phones and other
devices, we are bringing
convenient and affordable healthcare services to
everyone." She sad with the innovation,
the current three to four per
cent of Nigerians using health
insurance will increase.

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