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27 May 2017

See What Policemen Did To A Bakery Worker For Refusing To Follow Them To The Station At Night

23-Year-Old bakery worker, Sherifat saka was badly manhandled by some policemen for refusing to follow them to the station at night.

Sherifat Saka, was
tired on the night of May 13, 2017 as she retired to bed in the room she shared with eight
others on Ifelodun Street, Amukoko area of Lagos.

It was an accommodation she shared
with other workers of the bakery,Punch reports.
But there was noise as a result of the discussion between two of her roommates when an older worker, angrily stormed out to
make a call.

The woman referred to by other workers as Iya
Mayowa, allegedly picked up her phone and placed a call to one of her acquaintances at
the Pako Police Division, Amukoko, Omotosho
Abiodun, a sergeant.
Moments later, Abiodun in company with a
colleague stormed the house at about 2am.
She said,
“He came and said we were under arrest. He told three of us that we were
going to the station. I noticed that the two others were already heading for an
unmarked SUV they brought there.
“But I told them I could not follow them.
Apart from my underwear, I was tying just a wrapper. But they did not care.

They did not wear uniform and did not
show us any identity card apart from the fact that they brought an unmarked
vehicle there.
“How could I follow people like that in the dead of the night?I told them that if
indeed they were from the police station
at Amukoko, I would walk there because
it was a short walking distance.
“That was when the man started to beat me. They forced me in the vehicle, I was
afraid and refused to enter. They
stripped me in the process.”
According to her, as soon as they got to the
police station, another round of beating started.
“They hanged and beat me till I fainted.
When I did, they took me outside and
poured water on me. Later, the man
brought some clothes for me to wear because I was [email protected],” Saka said.
She said three more of her colleagues were later arrested for breach of peace.
According to her, when her bosses at work later
came to the station to plead, the divisional crime officer of the station prevailed on
Abiodun to release them all.
The policeman did not release them until they
paid N33,000.
However, things took a different turn when a
human rights group, Movement for Islamic
Rights and Justice got involved in the case.
The National Director of Operations of the
group, Mr. Shakirulai Abdullahi, said he had
tangled with Abiodun in the past as a result of
manhandling of members of the public.
Few days later, he rearrested Saka for being
too stubborn and also for consulting a human
rights organisation.
“Despite our pleadings and even the appeal of the divisional police officer of the station, he
insisted on charging her to court for assaulting
him,” Abdullahi said.
That day, Abiodun dragged Saka before an
Agbomalu Magistrate’s Court, Agbomalu, Apapa
on two counts of assault and breach of peace.
The charge accused her of conducting herself
“in a manner likely to cause breach of peace by
cutting Sylva Chain and tearing off the shirt of
one Sergeant Omotosho Abiodun to resist lawful
“That you on the same date and time did
unlawfully assault one Sergeant Omotosho
Abiodun by giving him fist blow on his left eye
and causing him bodily pain.”
Saka spent five days in prison before she could
perfect her bail condition.
She is now appealing to police authorities to call Abiodun to order, alleging that he had
vowed to send her to prison.

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