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2 May 2017


It was mama joy's place i visited first.

As i drove into the compound,it was Nnamdi i saw first.He kept looking
at the car
to know who was inside.I didnt want winnie my daughter to see him.

I feared he might ask
me about his daughter.When i parked the car,i told winnie to wait in
the car.I came down
and pretended not to see him. I noticed him come my way while i
avoided him as i made
my way towards mama joy's place.When she saw me,she yelled with joy
and embraced me.

Then Nnamdi came there and called my name.I ignored him.He prostrated on the
ground and started begging me to forgive him.He told how he had
married twice and got no issue.He asked about my
daughter.I told him to leave my alone that his daughter is dead. I saw
tears roll down his
cheeks.He was really
sorrowful.I made up my mind never to forgive him.

I watched him walk away in agony. Mama joy told me that he was
telling the truth.She told me that after getting married for a very
long time,he got no
child.His people told him to send the woman away and marry
another,which he did and still no issue to show for it.

The doctors said that
nothing's wrong with him and that God's time is the best.''Serves him
right.God is punishing him for what he did
to me" that was all i said. I gave mama joy things i
bought for her.I gave her
money too.she was so happy.

I entered my car and as i was driving away,Nnamdi was
wavhng me goodbye with tears in his eyes.

"mum,who is
that man over there?"my
daughter asked,pointing at Nnamdi. I told her lies.

I drove straight to my father's was my mother i saw
first.As i came down with
my daughter,i was surprised as my mother gave me a warm
embrace.She apologised on her behalf and on behalf of her
husband.she embraced my daughter too.I was happy when she called
her"my granddaughter"

I cried bitterly when she told me that my two sisters died in a
ghastly accident.My father went for a meeting.I was shocked
when she told me that a
woman from nowhere showed up and said that almost all our
lands belonged to her.

SHe took the case to court because she has money.i told my mum to
relax that i am a lawyer.She couldnt believe it.

As we were still talking,a car drove into our compound.

"That is the woman"my mother said.
I was so flabbergasted when i saw Mady come down from the car


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