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29 May 2017

THE KEY WAHALA (Episode 2)

If Dad called any of us the way he was calling me now, we know there was troubleband trouble with my Dad was hell.

When angry with anybody in the house, he would
use very derogatory words ensuring that his
victim looked and felt as foolish as ever. He
would attack your self esteem and make youbhate yourself.

I was putting on my socks when Dad called.

“Yes Dad!” I replied and quickly came out of my room to meet him, wondering what I had
done wrong this morning.

He hardly interacts with anyone on week day’s mornings.

“Where is the exit door key?” he asked immediately I came out.

“I don’t know where it is,” I replied defensively.

He was asking like he was sure I was with it.

“You were doing your homework on the dining last night when your Mum droppedbthe key, didn’t you see it?”

“No Dad,” I replied as he immediately shifted his attention back to Mum who was still looking around confused.

Ada came out from her room; she had not yet taken her bath. I think she wasn’t having
an early lecture this Monday morning. I sometimes wonder what sort of school she
was going. She does not wear any school uniform like me and John. She sometimes
comes home very early or even stays at home without going to school for a whole day.

“Ada, do you happen to know where the exit door key is?” Mum spoke up this time

“Isn’t it on the dining table?”
“It wouldn’t be on the dining and we would be looking for it.” Dad injected.

He raised his hands helplessly.
“Can somebody locate this key so that I will leave this house? What sort of joke is this?”
Ada and Mum started all over again to
search all corners of the sitting room. John
came out from the kitchen and walked into his room, he didn’t want to be around Dad. I
also left them and got back into my room to finish dressing up for school. I didn’t think
the key was missing. I was almost sure that
the key would be found, Dad’s irritatedbmood was only making it look bad.

The time was almost 7.30am; I hoped the key would be found soonest so that I don’t
miss the school bus. Nobody was even talking about breakfast; well Mum will bring
my lunch box for me later. She would drop at the school gate and the guard would help
her bring it to me.


By now Dad was burning in anger. He stood helplessly and observed as Mum and Ada
continued to look around for the key. He obviously didn’t know the next thing to do.

They repeatedly searched where they had already searched. He looked at them like
they were silly.

“Will you continue to search the same place all day? How do you feel doing that?” Dad
calmly asked.

Neither Mum nor Ada was sure the question was directed at them. They stopped and
looked at him. It was obvious that the anger
he felt had heated his whole system that his whole body organs should have started
dissolving by now.

Who could be holding the key?

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