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30 May 2017


I quietly carried her to the staircase, my heart
beating wildly as i carried
the heavy load.
I needed a whole lot of
luck to avoid detection.

Only a single mistake could destroy everything i had planned. Luckily
i got to my destination without being seen. I calmly dumped and pushed
her well
underneath the staircase
{of the first floor}.

"if things go as planned
perhaps it will take a day
or two before she's
discovered" i reasoned
before another idea came into my head. I rushed up to my room,
grabbed a bucket of water, came down and poured it all over her. I
wasn't a biologist but i felt it could destroy any evidence like my
prints which were on her body. Yea it might sound silly but i felt a
bit relieved after doing it even though the water quickly spilled out
towards the exit door but it wasn't
enough to draw attention.

I grabbed the empty
bucket and returned to my room. I knew nobody
would investigate a spilled water in a lodge filled with students.
Unless of course the cleaners. As I got to my room, i quickly cleaned
everywhere, packing up all of Nmeka's things in a big black sack bag
including her phone which was the first in the list, but before
doing it i first logged into
her 2go account{luckily the appilication opened
without asking for a
password} and deleted everything about me,
including my phone
numbers and text
messages we shared. I
knew the police had the
means to get me if they were serious but i did
everything just as a
precaution. I equally
washed the bathroom, and changed my bedsheet, made sure everything was
in order before sitting down to rest. I was so terrified and nervous.
I needed all the goodluck in the world.

I was scared of being
caught. My future just
stood before me, glaring at my face. I knew i did the worst atrocity
by trying to hide the poor girl, but i had
no choice than to do it. I
wasn't ready to hang for
something i had no hand in. Nervously i waited for the hostel gate to be opened,
the success of my plans
depended on it. I had to
dispose Nmeka's things in
a place very far away. Precisely in a river.

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