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30 Jun 2017

Deeper Life Church Allegedly Kick Out Young Lady Because She Is A RCCG Member

Facebook User,Kenny Brandmuse, has taken to his Fb account to share a rather
unbelievable story, of how
his niece, a young lady, who
is a student of Yabatech, was ejected from Deeper Life
Bible church premises,
because she doesn't worship
with them, but with the
Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

According to him, what led to
this was that Yabatech is
currently renovating their
hostels and students have
been looking for temporary
places to stay. He wrote;

"Last week, my niece was ejected from Deeper Life church premises
because she's not a member of the church. Now she sleeps in an open
classroom. (Backstory: Yabatech, her new college, is renovating their
and all new students are enjoined to look for a temporary place to
stay. She's only 16 for crying out loud, and first time out of home.)
As a born again christian, she thought she found a refuge in a church.
Unfortunately, the church says because she wears earrings and goes to
the Redeemed, another church denomination, she is not eligible to
stay. As a brilliant yet economically
disadvantaged student, her parents – who devote their entire lives to
serve the Redeemed church – can never afford her a spot at the
Redeemed church college. "We can't say this enough: Nigerian brand of
christianity is a form of psychosis. (A severe mental disorder in
which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with
external reality.) "#MentalSlavery of the Black Race is concerning"

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