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23 Jun 2017

Ebonyi State Government Seals Church, School Belonging To Controversial Pastor

Ebonyi State Government has sealed Power House Interdenominational Ministry and Power House International Primary and Secondary
School belonging to a controversial cleric.

By the feelers reaching us this time, then the self acclaimed Evangelist should not even be
walking the street a free man. At the very least
this man should have spent some time in a police lock-up facility.

The fact that we still
have people like Ephraim Ononye in the priestly
frock is a slap on christian faith. The more I look at him, the more I’m convinced that
judgement will start from the house of God.

I have always known the evangelist to be
controversial but not even the knowledge prepared me for the side of the story I heard
last week.

On Saturday 17th June, this month, a young
lady from Okposi told a rather stunning story of
how the evangelist almost deceived her into
having intimate sexual affair, by tricking her into his hotel room after a crusade programme
during which he made abortive attempts to rape
her. She recounted how the prophet dipped his
hands into her bra and grabbed her breasts.
She told me how she struggled, pleaded, and
wept uncontrollably, until the prophet had no
choice but to unseal the already locked door to
avoid drawing attention to the room. After the
ordeal, he offered her money to silence her which she vehemently rebuffed, and ran out still shocked to the bones.

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