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7 Jun 2017


“oh bro Ken may God forgive you” she panted after the second round. I smiled happily, buried
my head between her two robust bôsöms and breathed heavily.

I was so damnn satisfied and exhausted. Not only was she hot and well built, she equally was a
tiger on bed, receiving all my thrüsts like a pôrn star, which gave me great access to swim freely.

I was soon ready for another round, I bit her ti.ts
softly, wore my last rubber, and dangled my joystick before her.

“nemesis” she exclaimed, sat up and pulled back with a smile,
“don’t tell me you are scared of the devil huh?” i asked, grabbed her two legs and stopped her
from moving backwards. She silently shrugged.

I pounced on her, kissed her for some minutes
{before setting her in a doggiie position}, buried my joystick and knacked away furiously, my balls slapping her like a school band.

I rode through river Jordan to river Niger, moving my waist very fast as if i was in a hurry. She sang, screamed, and moaned as i dug in and out
with joyful abandon.
She soon fell on her stomach when her knees couldn’t withstand the pressure, giving me great opportunity to grab her two milk factories, which
i pumped and fondled as i knacked away with great abandon.

Finally after about twenty minutes of hard knacking, i released my seeds once again,
collasped on her, breathing heavily like a farmer
who fell off a palm tree.

“bro ken, you are a devil” i heard her murmur
softly. I smiled, pulled out from her in order to remove the used rubber. But i gasped when i
saw it was broken.
Mary turned and stared at me that moment, noticed my coloured face, looked down at my joystick and immediately sat up with a changed expression.

I breathed deeply as she stared into her wet kitt.y, which showed a little amount of watery

“i have to go take a shower” she said with a controlled smile without any atom of fear nor
alarm on her face. I shrugged, nodded and pointed to the bathroom, which she calmly went to.

She however complained of waist pain, after freshening up, claiming it was hurting her very
much, thereby forcing me to insist she spend the night with me, without knowing it was all part of her cunny schemes.

We had a quiet dinner hours later, before sleeping off our exhaustion, but by 2am the
following morning. I woke up to see her suc.king hungrily on my joystick, I stared at her with
surprise and wonder, extremely alarmed to see what she was doing to me by that hour.

Yea I do love Sêx with all my heart, but something in her got me very scared.

“Sister Mary” i murmured her name cautiously.

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