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8 Jun 2017

"My Brother-In-Law Barged Into My Room While I Was Completely Nakead!!" What Should I Do?

This is the true story of a young married woman which she shared online to get answers after something embarrassing happened.

So I decided to bring it here too,to see your opinions.

She said

"My brother-in-law of whom we are agemates barged into my room without knocking the door
this morning. I was completely Unclad & had to dive under the bed from the shame & shock.
He stood there apologising that he didn't know i was in the room (we had met outside by the
clothes line a short while ago).
The most painful part is that my husband who was lying in the bed in the same room didn't
find it necessary to utter a word.
When I confronted him, he said that shebi his brother had said 'sorry'
I really don't know what to do. I feel let down by hubby's reaction & also ashamed about the
whole incident."

Please good folks, what do I do to redress the situation. Thank you!

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