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11 Jun 2017

Oh No! Man Jailed 17 Years For Crime Committed By Someone Who Looks Like Him (See How It Happened)

An Innocent dad, Richard Jones spent 17 years in a US jail for an armed robbery carried out by
a LOOKALIKE who shared the same name with him.

Richard from Kansas City, Kansas, who was locked up for a crime he did not do has been
set free after cops found his lookalike.

Jones had been jailed for armed robbery in 1999
after an eyewitness said he was the robber. But during a new hearing into his case this same
witness could not tell Jones from a man called Ricky who looks just like him.

Jones also lived on the other side of Kansas while his lookalike lived where the robbery

It also turned out that there was no physical, DNA or fingerprint evidence.

After being released, Jones told the Kansas City Star.: “I don’t believe in luck, I believe I
was blessed.”

Jones had unsuccessfully appealed his case several times.
But two years ago he heard about a man in jail
who looked just like him and even shared his first name.
After realising this could be the man who committed the crime, Jones contacted the
Midwest Innocent Project, a non-profit
organisation that provides legal services to the
An attorney working on Jones’ case said: “We
were floored by how much they looked alike.
Everybody has a doppelgänger, luckily we found
Jones is now getting used to life on the outside
and says he is happy to be back with his kids
He said: “When it comes to my kids, it’s been a
rough ride, but they are now at an age where
they can understand.”

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