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16 Jun 2017

Over 150 Fake Sim Cards And Phones Worth N5M Recovered From Kidnapper,Evans

The police, Evans saga
continues as ongoing
investigation of the kidnaps
staged by notorious
billionaire kidnapper, Evans,
have uncovered 162 phone lines recovered from the

On wednesday, a police
source revealed that the
suspect has 11 phones,
including a Thuraya and 2
Vertu phones, worth N2.4
million and N2.6 million, respectively..

The police source then added
that SIM cards used by Evans
complicated the challenges
posed by the sophisticated
phones, as he bought SIM
cards registered from miscreants in Computer
Village, Ikeja. The source said; "More discoveries have been made
during investigation. On Wednesday, we discovered that Evans still had
36 more SIM cards outside the 126 lines we already have. He has 11
phones, including a Thuraya and 2 Vertu phones, valued at N2.4 million
and N2.6 million, respectively.

That was why it was very difficult to arrest him because the two
phones can operate without SIM cards. That is the kind of phone the
Boko Haram terrorist group is using in the desert. All the 162 lines
are operational lines, except one that is for his immediate family. We
are working on the new lines and phones. . Turaya is a satellite

In Nigeria, we don't have the capability to track Turaya. He used the
three phones for his nefarious activities. We succeeded in tracking
him through the other phones he has."

"We studied and analysed 162 SIM cards before we caught him. We have
about two- page analysis of each of the numbers. He used 161 of those
numbers to call his gang members only and used one to call his mother,
wife and sister. He said he bought all the SIM cards already
registered in Computer Village for N1,500 each. We picked his sister,
his childhood friend with whom he attended primary school, and four of
his girlfriends. . They gave us the information that led to his
arrest. Evans confirmed that they didn't know he was into kidnapping.
Because of that, we granted them bail, while investigations continue"
Another source then disclosed
that operatives had
uncovered two other camps,
which would soon be visited
aside from a camp in New
Igando, where Evans kept his victims.

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