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9 Jun 2017

THE KEY WAHALA (Episode 14)

Mum was angry, she was also sad. She was angry at Dad and somehow at herself.
Where was all the love she used to share with Dad?

What made her allow her children to outgrow her?
How had she allowed her family to come to such ruin?

This wasn’t the type of home she wished for.


Everybody must have taken a nap. The house was as silent as the graveyard.

Something woke Mum up. She was hearing a sound; it was coming from Daddy’s study.
Someone was sobbing.
Alarmed she stood up and walked towards
Dad’s study. She listened. Yes, the sound was coming from in there in. Mum softly
opened the door and peeped in. she was weakened by the sight of Dad sitting helplessly on his chair shedding manly tears.

Dad was obviously fighting very hard to stop the tears from flowing. His breath was hard
as he tried to control himself. Mum couldn’t believe her eyes.

She was surprised and
She immediately understood why Dad was
shedding tears so she walked in and held unto Dad. Dad allowed himself to be held as
he leaned his head in Mum’s tummy while
she caressed the back of his head.

While everybody was sleeping, Dad had
taken his time to reflect on his behavior towards his family for some time now. It all
started with the desire to be a successful
man. Mum took a seat and sat beside him.

They both looked into each other’s eyes and began laughing. Her eyes were also filled
with tears.
“Why didn’t you bring me to order when you noticed that I had started derailing?” Dad
asked softly.
Mum smiled, “You didn’t know how scary you became. I was busy trying so hard to
please you all these while until I almost
became a slave to your presence. I was just
simply afraid of you.”
“Wow. Then my kids must have felt worse
than this. I didn’t even recognize my own
kids. They were both different when I was
talking with them. Do you know at a time, I
wondered if it was my little Ada and John I
was talking to? They are so big and
matured; even John’s voice has changed.”
He said, there was pain in his eyes.
“Ha ha, they are really growing faster than
we think and we have neglected them,
thinking they were still kids. I know this is
not an excuse, but I gave up when I noticed
that Ada had outgrown me. I knew I couldn’t
handle them alone and instead of asking you
for help I got into my shell and allowed
things to continue to go bad.” Mum said regretfully.
“It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have left you all alone to handle them. God! I have been a
bad father and husband, putting all my
efforts in the office while my house was in
disarray.” He stopped and looked Mum in
the eye again.
“I am very sorry… today I looked at my
children from a point of view I had never
done before and I realized I was missing in
their life. Again, you made me realize I have
been selfish all along. Yes, I have only been
thinking of being a success and have stupidly been putting my whole efforts in my
work place and have neglected my house.”
He said thoughtfully.
“Mmh, where have my husband been all this while?” She bantered, “I am glad we have
both come to our senses, I just hope it’s not too late.”
After a long conversation, Mum and Dad
hugged each other. Dad, for the first time
agreed it was all his fault.
They agreed to talk to Ada and John respectively. Mum to Ada, Dad to John


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