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2 Jun 2017


I nervously opened my door and came face to face with the hostel
president, a policeman in uniform and the SUG

I stared at them with panic.
"please can we come in?. The officer has some important questions to
ask you" the SUG president explained while my heart froze. My guilty
conscience was at its worst that moment.

I fearfully allowed them into the room, my heart pounding furiously as
the policeman took
a sharp look round my room before settling down on the
only plastic chair i had, while the two students with him stood and
stared at me. I knew they all noticed my nervous behaviour.

"I'm here to question you as a result of the body discovered in your
lodge. The dead girl found under the stairs" The serious looking
officer said to me as he brought out a small notebook which he opened.

"so what's your name?" he asked. I breathed deeply and looked at the
hostel president who nodded to me in
agreement. I slowly murmured my name, repeating it twice.
"you saw the girl's body
right?" the officer asked. I
swallowed hard and nodded. Nmeka's image quickly appeared in my head.

"yes i saw her" i answered weakly,
"do you know her?" he asked, sending my heart flying with the question.
"um no, not at all" i replied,
"are you sure?" he asked
"yes i'm sure" i answered,
"you mean you have never ran across her even in school
premises?" he asked.

"yes i'm sure, i havn't seen her anywhere" i answered a bit
boldly. He marked something
in his book, closed it and stood up.

"thanks for your time, but i may be back" he grinned before leaving.

I locked my door, fell on my bed and covered my head with a pillow.

"liar, damn you liar" i heard Nmeka's voice scream in my
head, sickening me.

I laid awake all night, scared and afraid. I was scared of Nmeka's
ghost, scared of the
police and scared of being

A very terrible wind equally blew that night as if rain was
about to pour, but there came no rain, instead the wind kept
making strange noises on my window which seriously terrified me.

Early tuesday morning i packed some of my clothes in a small bag and
headed to my friend
Gideon's lodge. I just couldn't stay all alone in my room anymore.

Unfortunately Gideon and his neighbours were all too eager to hear the
dead girl's story,
especially how she looked, who was being suspected and
so on. They wanted to hear everything without knowing that they were
upsetting me with their questions.

The more i managed to
answer, the more questions they asked to the extent that i
almost lost the remaining part
of my mind. Early wednesday morning i
headed home to be with my surprised parents who were
very astonished to see me return home in the middle of the week. I
managed to mutter some lousy explanation
which i believed they never truly bought.
But then it was as if the devil had so much interest in my
case, because by 8:15am the next day, the hostel president called me
on phone, asking me
to show up at the lodge.

"The police needs to search your room". He ended up saying.


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