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5 Jun 2017

This Woman Was Wrongly Diagnosed Of HIV 15-Years-Ago,Now She Has Found Out The Truth (Read Her Sad Story)

A woman was mistakenly diagnosed as HIV- positive from childhood,now she is suing the Thai Ministry of Public Health for ruining her childhood.

Suthida Sangsumart, who was diagnosed with AIDS when she was 8 years old by a doctor
from the Suvarnabhumi Hospital in Roi Et province after her father passed away from the
same disease, is suing the Suvarnabhumi Hospital because as it turns out — she’s not
HIV positive.

Earlier this week, Suthida and her lawyer Songkran Achariyasab allowed members of the media to watch her latest blood test at the Thai
Red Cross Society’s Anonymous Clinic.

She said;
“I started taking the medicine on HIV disease since then. I had to move to Samut Prakarn province after people in my hometown disliked me because of my
father’s cause of death and the doctor’s diagnosis that I had Aids,”
‘I cried alone every night at home. No money could repay what I lost and I would like to tell the doctor.’

Suthida had to take anti-retroviral drugs every
day since her diagnosis at eight-years-old, but stopped five years ago when she was first
Following blood tests from other hospitals at the time and from this year, Suthida was told
she doesn’t actually have HIV at all and that
neither her husband and children are infected with it.

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