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10 Jun 2017

Unbelievable! Woman Pretended To Be Blind For 28 Years(Her Reasons Will Shock You)

A Spanish lady who might
be one of the most
noticeably bad of hostile to social individuals has let 28 years of
her life down the deplete.

She put up a show to be visually impaired on
the grounds that she
couldn't stand making
proper acquaintance with

As reported by
odditycentral, the 57- year-old woman recently revealed that she
had always been able to see perfectly, which left her family in shock,
even though they had always suspected that something was off about her

Her husband told reporters that she would put on her makeup perfectly,
and sometimes they would see her trying to look at the TV
from the corner of her eyes. But she never admitted to faking her
blindness, until recently.

"I was tired of meeting
people on the street and
stopping to say hello, I've
never been a very social
person, and by pretending to be blind I was able to avoid many social
responsibilities," she said.

According to her husband,
"Many times we seemed to see her looking sideways at the television and was
always very well made up."

Even though she was able to
have most people fooled,
Carmen Jimenez may still
have a tough way to go. This
is because while pretending
she was blind, she had received financial
assistance from
organizations and personal
assistance which could now
be interpreted as
defrauding them. This may pose a serious legal
challenge for her

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